“Dad,” said Lil’ Rebel. “Can I go out with my friends after school tonight?”

“No,” said Lil’ Rebel’s father. “Tonight is Halloween night and you were told last week that you are not allowed out on Halloween night.”

“But,” said Lil’ Rebel. “We aren’t going trick-or-treating or anything like that.”

“And that is why you have your Halloween costume stuck out the side of your backpack?” asked Lil’ Rebel father.

“That’s not my costume,” said Lil’ Rebel. “It’s Sally’s.”

“Don’t think you can pull the wool over my eyes,” said Lil’ Rebel’s father. “I know that is your costume. Get back to your room. You are not going out.”

“But why not?” asked Lil’ Rebel. “It isn’t fair.”

“Show me that I can trust you,” said Lil’ Rebel’s father. “And then we’ll see what happens.”

“Okay,” said Lil’ Rebel.

Lil’ Rebel went downstairs to the playroom with her younger sister, Pattie.

“Hey Pattie,” said Lil’ Rebel. “Are you going trick-or-treating tonight?”

“Yeah,” said Pattie. “But Daddy says you aren’t.”

“Oh,” said Lil’ Rebel. “Do you want me to read you a story or something?”

“Sure,” said Pattie. “Maybe you could help me with my homework?”

“Okay,” said Lil’ Rebel.

After helping Pattie with her homework, Lil’ Rebel went back upstairs and went to her room. About an hour later, her father knocked on her bedroom door.

“Come on, get your costume on,” said Lil’ Rebel’s father.

“I get to go trick-or-treating,” said Lil’ Rebel.

“Yes,” said Lil’ Rebel’s father. “Pattie showed me her homework that you helped her with. You did a really good job.”

Lil’ Rebel had a lot of fun trick-or-treating with her father and little sister.

“I think we should do that kind of thing more often,” said Lil’ Rebel’s father that night after putting Pattie to bed.

“Yes,” said Lil’ Rebel. “We should. It was fun.”

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