Bright Star

”What are you doing Troll Mother?” asked Troll Sister.

“I’m looking at the stars that are in the sky,” said Troll Mother. The sky is so clear and the stars are so bright.”

”Yes,” said Toll Sister. ”It sure is nice. There is one star that seems to be so much brighter than the rest of them. I wonder why that is?”

”That is the North Star,” said Troll Mother. ‘It is always the brightest star in the sky.”

”Well, it is a very pretty star,” said Troll Sister, pointing up toward the sky. ”Look Troll Mother, it is blinking at us!”

”Oh my!” exclaimed Troll Mother. ”It sure looks that way, doesn’t it.”

”Yes,” said Trill Sister. ”It really does!”

”Oh and look,” said Troll Mother, pointing right beside the North Star. ”There is a falling star.”

”Where?” asked Troll Sister. ”Where is the falling star?”

”Right there,” said Troll Mother, pointing to it again. ”Do you see it now?”

”Oh there it is!” said Troll Sister. ”Now I can see it.”

”Hurry and make a wish,” said Troll Mother.

Troll Sister quickly closed her eyes and made a wish. Troll Mother closed her eyes and made a wish too!

“Troll Sister, Troll Mother,” called Troll Daddy. ”Where are you?”

”We are out the back,” said Troll Sister. “We are watching the falling stars.”

“That is what Troll Brother, Troll Baby and I are doing,” said Troll Daddy.

”Well my wish came true,” said Troll Sister. ”I wished that my whole family could see the falling stars?”

”That is what I wished for too,” said Troll Mother. ”We both wished for the same thing.”

”Yes,” said Troll Sister. ”I guess that makes us both lucky!”

“Doubly lucky,” said Troll Mother, putting her arms around Troll Sisters shoulders.

”Do you think I would be lucky enough to get out of doing the dishes,” said Troll Sister, laughing.

”Don’t push your luck,” said Troll Mother.

”She may as well try,” laughed Troll Daddy. ”I did the dishes for her already.”

”Gee,” said Troll Mother. ”I wonder if that would work for me when I have to do the laundry tomorrow.”

”Now your pushing it,” laughed Troll Sister.

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