Poor Mountain Family’s Valentine’s Day

Poor Mountain Mother woke up on Valentine’s Day and saw the sun shining through the bedroom window of the log cabin. The sun was just rising behind the mountain.

“What a beautiful day!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Mother.

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Father, coming into the bedroom. “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“Oh,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “Thank you.”

Poor Mountain Father had a bunch of wildflowers in his hand. He handed them to Poor Mountain Mother.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Sister and Poor Mountain Brother, carrying a tray full of food for Poor Mountain Mother.

“Oh!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Mother, propping herself on her pillow. “What is this?”

“Breakfast in bed,” exclaimed Poor Mountain Brother.

“Oh thank you so much,” said Poor Mountain Mother, wiping a tear from her eye. “I feel like a queen.”

“Well,” said Poor Mountain Father. “You can be the queen for the day. We are going to take care of everything for you today.”

“How is your coffee?” asked Poor Mountain Sister, seeing Poor Mountain Mother take a sip of it.

“Oh it is good,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “However, it needs a little more sugar.”

“Oh,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “I’ll go get it for you.”

Poor Mountain Sister went downstairs to get the sugar for Poor Mountain Mother. She looked all over the kitchen for it but she couldn’t find it.

“I couldn’t find the sugar,” said Poor Mountain Sister.

“Oh,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “That is because it is on the top shelf. Here, I’ll go get it.”

Poor Mountain Mother grabbed her robe and went downstairs and got the sugar. She came back upstairs and enjoyed her breakfast in bed.

“Here,” said Poor Mountain Father, after she had finished eating. “I’ll take the tray from you.”

“And,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “I’ll wash the dishes.”

Poor Mountain Brother went downstairs into the kitchen and started filling the sink full of water. He looked around for the dish soap but he couldn’t find it.

“I can’t find the dish soap,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

“Here,” said Poor Mountain Mother, once again putting her robe on. “I’ll get it for you.”

Downstairs, Poor Mountain Mother found the dish soap. She saw that Poor Mountain Brother was having difficulty washing the dishes so she offered to do them for him.

“What will we have for dinner tonight?” asked Poor Mountain Father, later that afternoon.

“How about baked chicken?” asked Poor Mountain Mother.

“Good idea,” said Poor Mountain Father, getting up from his chair and going into the kitchen.

Poor Mountain Father took the chicken from the freezer and went to look for the roasting pan. He searched all over the kitchen and could not find it.

“Here,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “I’ll get it for you.”

Poor Mountain Mother got up from her chair and found the roasting pan for Poor Mountain Father. She saw that he was having difficulty getting the chicken into the oven so she told him that she would do it for him.

“Gee,” said Poor Mountain Mother, that night after dinner. “I’m tired. I guess that being queen for the day is wearing me right out.”


Moral of this Story:

  • A mother’s job is never done.
  • Example: The Poor Mountain Family wanted to give Poor Mountain Mother a relaxing Valentine’s Day. However, she needed to help them find the sugar, find the dish soap and find the roasting pan for them.

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