Don’t Give Up

“Silly Snake,” said his friend Sally Squirrel. “I don’t feel well today.”

“How come?” asked Silly Snake.

“I don’t know,” said Sally Squirrel. “I have a bit of a fever.”

“Oh dear,” said Silly Snake. “I’d better get you to the doctor.”

Silly Snake took Sally Squirrel to the doctor’s office. He sat in the waiting room with her until the doctor was ready to see her.

“You just stay here,” said the doctor to Silly Snake as he took Sally Squirrel into one of the examining rooms.

“Doc,” said Silly Snake, seeing him coming out of the examining room. “Is she going to be alright?”

“Oh her,” said the doctor, pointing to the examination room behind him. “No. She is very ill. Cancer, I think.”

“Oh dear,” said Silly Snake. “That is terrible.”

“Well,” said the doctor. “It is expected at that age.”

Silly Snake didn’t listen to what the doctor was saying. He was just so sad for his friend.

“Silly Snake,” a voice behind him spoke. “I’m ready to go now. The doctor said I have the flu.”

Silly Snake turned around and saw his friend, Sally Squirrel standing in the hallway.

“Well,” said Silly Snake. “If you are here, then who is in that room?”

“That is Mrs. Wise,” said the doctor.

“She is like a hundred years old,” said Silly Snake.

“More like 101,” said the doctor.

“So, Mrs. Wise has cancer,” said Silly Snake. “And not Sally.”

“Oh dear,” said the doctor. “I see you were a little bit confused.”

“Come on Silly Snake,” said Sally. “Let’s go home now.”

“Good idea,” said Silly Snake.

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