A Helpful Easter

“Harold,” said Harold the Hockey Player’s coach, Raymond. “Aren’t you glad it is Easter?”

“Not particularly,” said Harold the Hockey Player.

“Why not?” asked Raymond. “We actually get to sit down to an Easter dinner with our family. Most of the time we are on the road during the Easter holidays.”

“No we can’t,” said Harold. “Are you forgetting all about social distancing this Easter because of that nasty coryvirus that is infecting Storyland. We need to keep our families safe. My mother is self-isolating right now because one of her neighbours is showing symptoms. I won’t be able to see her for Easter.”

“I am sorry,” said Raymond. “I didn’t realize your mother is self-isolating. As for my family, my son lives with me so it is just him and I for Easter. My wife was visiting her mother just before this coryvirus hit. They are self-isolating because her mother was feeling ill. My own mother is also self-isolating.”

“I just wish this whole coryvirus would go away,” said Harold. “The worst part is, we can’t even play hockey right now because hockey has been cancelled because of it.”

“Hopefully we will soon enough,” said Raymond.

“I hear you will be playing hockey by the end of summer,” said a friendly, furry voice.

“Easter Bunny!” exclaimed Harold. “It is so nice to see you! I am sorry for being so negative this Easter. I guess I am just depressed.”

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Easter Bunny. “We can’t have that now, can we. You know, you and your coach do have some free time on your hands right now and I ran into a problem that maybe you could help me solve.”

“We would love to try to help,” said Raymond.

“I have a list of seniors out there who are not going to have an Easter dinner this year because of this coryvirus,” said Easter Bunny. “I need someone who wouldn’t mind making sure they at least get a good nutritious Easter dinner.”

“I would love to help out,” said Harold. “I have been trying to think of how I can help in these tough times.”

“That is a wonderful idea,” said Raymond. “I would love to help out as well.”

Harold the Hockey Player and Raymond both worked very hard. They delivered Easter dinners to every senior citizen on Easter Bunny’s list. They were thrilled when other hockey players and coaches helped out.


Moral of this Story:

  • Every senior citizen should get a nutritious dinner for Easter.
  • Example: Easter Bunny needed some help because there were some senior citizens in Storyland that were not going to get an Easter dinner this Easter because of the coryvirus.

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