Fawn and Spot in BC

“Fawn,” said Spot, holding her hand to her mouth as Mr. Hansen turned another corner in the van. “Look at that beautiful sight!”

“I’ve never seen anything so beautiful,” said Fawn.

“It is like a new scene pops up in front of us each time Mr. Hansen turns a corner,” said Spot.

“If I had have known British Columbia was this beautiful,” said Fawn. “I would have come here a long time ago.”

“Oh me too!” said Spot.

Just then Mr. Hansen stopped the van in the middle of the road and got out.

“What is going on?” Fawn asked Mrs. Hansen.

“Look out the side window,” said Mrs. Hansen.

“Oh Spot,” said Fawn. “Look at the elk on the side of the road.”

“Oh my!” said Spot. “There are like three of them in a row.”

Mr. Hansen stepped outside of the van so that he could take a picture of the elk.

“That is a totally awesome sight,” said Fawn.

“Absolutely,” said Spot.

Mr. Hansen got back in the van.

“Wasn’t that incredible?” he said.

“I’ve never seen an elk before,” said Spot. “What a sight?”

Fawn and Spot kept their eyes peeled to the side of the road for sign of more wildlife.

“Gee look,” said Mrs. Hansen pointing to the middle of the road.

Fawn and Spot both looked where she pointed as Mr. Hansen slammed the brakes on.

“A mountain sheep,” said Fawn. “Awesome!”

“Wow!” said Spot, pointing to the top of a mountain nearby. “There are more of them too!”

“But the one on the road is the best,” said Fawn. “He isn’t even moving for the traffic.”

“No,” said Mr. Hansen. “They will just stand in the middle of the road.”

After a few minutes, Mr. Hansen steered the van safely around the mountain sheep.

“Oh look,” said Fawn. “It is a white-tailed deer.”

“Oh so what,” said Spot, who used to get very excited back in Ontario when she saw a white-tailed deer. “White-tailed deer are nothing now compared to what we have seen.”

“Well,” said Mr. Hansen. “You two ain’t seen nothing yet. Look at the bald eagle soaring around in the sky!”

Mr. Hansen stopped the van and everyone got out and stared at the eagle with total amazement in their faces.

“That is the most awesome sight I have ever seen,” said Spot. “Seeing a real live bald eagle is the best!”

“Yes,” said Fawn. “Absolutely nothing in this world can compare to such a sight!

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