Hi everyone! I am Mountain Kid. I am the oldest of the Canadian brothers. I live in the beautiful province of British Columbia.

This evening I was outside walking around my property, like I do every single evening, except that it was a little different this time because when I looked up into the sky I saw a bright light. Now, living in the west, I have seen plenty of bright lights in the sky but this one was much brighter than any other I have ever seen. This meteor had a big long tail on it, as other meteors have as well, but this one seemed to be quite a bit bigger and longer than the others that I have seen.

I was a little frightened at first by this meteor until I actually realized what it was. The first thing that came into my head was that maybe it was a UFO but I put that thought out of my head as quickly as it came in. I do not want anyone thinking I have gone strange or anything like that living out here in the mountains. However, the thought of it being a UFO still haunted me as I watched the meteor disappear into thin air.

Still with the meteor on my mind as I went inside my cabin, I turned on the television. I was very relieved when I saw the newscast that night about the meteor and I knew that I could put to rest any other silly notions that I had.

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