Winter Storm Tricks

Trickster Bunny saw some huge winter storm clouds in the sky. It was the middle of winter in Calgary, Alberta. Trickster had just finished digging the family den out from a snowstorm they just had. He thought he should warn his family about the new storm.

“Frannie,” said Trickster to his oldest sister. “We are going to have another snowstorm.”

“I don’t believe you,” said Frannie.

“This isn’t a trick,” said Trickster. “I know I have tricked you before but there are some huge winter storm clouds in the sky.”

“You are always playing tricks,” said Frannie. “Why should I believe you?”

Trickster could not get his sister, Frannie to believe him. He knew he had played lots of tricks on his family before but this time he was serious.

“If Frannie doesn’t believe me,” said Trickster. “The rest of the family won’t either. I need to get things ready though. I have to protect my sisters and my mother.”

Trickster set out his winter jacket and winter boots. His youngest sister, Isabella saw him.

“Stop playing tricks on us,” said Isabella. “Frannie told me you said there was a winter storm coming. We just had a storm.”

“Don’t believe me,” said Trickster. “But there is another storm coming. I have to prepare us for it.”

Trickster went outside and brought in armload after armload of firewood.

“Maybe Trickster wasn’t playing a trick on us”, said Frannie, seeing all the hard work he was doing.

“Look,” said Isabella, when Trickster came in the house covered in snow. “It is storming out. For once Trickster wasn’t playing a trick on us.”

Frannie and Isabella felt bad so they helped him with the firewood.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is hard for people to believe you if all you do is play tricks on them.
  • Example: Trickster had a hard time having his family see there was a winter storm coming. This was because Trickster had played so many tricks on them.

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