Bright Idea

It was a very cold winter day in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Mom and Dad were discussing the future of their young son. Grandma walked by the kitchen and overheard the conversation.

“What kind of life will Little Johnny have if we stay living here in Fredericton?” asked Mom. “It is a rather bleak way of life for our boy.”

“Not really,” said Dad, knowing that Mom was just looking for an excuse to move her family away from Fredericton. “We have survived just fine here.”

“Little Johnny isn’t going to have any problems succeeding in this life,” said Grandma, sitting down at the kitchen table with Mom and Dad. “He is as bright as a light bulb.”

“Thank you Grandma,” said Little Johnny, giving Grandma a big kiss and hug.

Right in front of everyone’s eyes there was a bright flash of light and Little Johnny turned into a walking, talking real life light bulb.

“Oh my!” cried Grandma. “What happened? Was that my fault? Did I just turn our precious Little Johnny into a light bulb?”

“No,” said Mom. “This wasn’t your fault. You couldn’t possibly have done this.”

“Maybe it was just a surge in the electricity,” said Dad, trying to rationalize the strange situation.

“It doesn’t seem to be affecting Little Johnny,” said Mom, watching him play at the end of the table.

“No it doesn’t,” said Dad, looking over at Little Johnny. “He seems to be fine.”

“Children are resilient,” said Grandma. “Little Johnny, come to Grandma.”

“My name isn’t Little Johnny anymore,” said Little Johnny. “My name is Bright Idea.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Children are resilient.
  • Example: Little Johnny was turned into a real life light bulb but it didn’t seem to affect him.

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