A Demanding Prairie Dog

Peter Prairie Dog woke up in his den on February 1st to his alarm ringing in his ear.

“Oh good,” said Peter Prairie Dog to himself. “I haven’t missed Groundhog Day. I am going to make a difference this year. I am going to stand up for my rights as a prairie dog.”

Peter Prairie Dog had a grudge against all groundhogs. He was upset because groundhogs had their own day. They had Groundhog Day. Prairie dogs had no such thing. Peter Prairie Dog wanted to change this. He wanted prairie dogs to have some kind of recognition.

Peter Prairie Dog sat at his kitchen table with a pencil and a pad of paper. He wrote out a list of demands.

“That should do it,” said Peter Prairie Dog. “I think my demands are reasonable.”

Peter Prairie Dog had a very short list of demands. He wanted respect and he a special day for prairie dogs.

It was now February 2. Peter Prairie Dog waited patiently in his den. He waited until he knew a good crowd of people had gathered. He waited until the groundhog had made his appearance.

“There you have it,” said a news reporter. “The groundhog did not see his shadow. We are going to have an early spring.”

The crowd cheered. Everyone there was hoping for this outcome. They all wanted an early spring.

“Wait,” said Pieter Prairie Dog, with his list of demands in his hands. “I am a prairie dog and I demand that prairie dogs get the same respect as groundhogs.”

“This is Groundhog Day,” said the groundhog. “You are ruining my day. Now please leave.”

“Hold on,” said the reporter. “I side with the prairie dog. Prairie dogs deserve respect. Everyone deserves respect.”

“Good,” said Peter Prairie Dog. “For my second and last demand, I want prairie dogs to have their own special day.”

“No,” said the groundhog. “I don’t like that idea at all.”

“I do,” said the reporter. “There is no reason why prairie dogs can’t have their own special day.”

“We agree!” chanted the crowd.

“Good to hear,” said Peter Prairie Dog.

“In fact,” said the reporter. “I think groundhogs and prairie dogs could share Groundhog Day.”

The crowd cheered.

“Wait,” said the groundhog. “Prairie dogs can’t predict the coming of spring.

“According to your history,” laughed the reporter. “Neither can you. You have been incorrect sixty percent of the time.”

The groundhog didn’t know what to say. He knew he had been defeated.

“It looks like a victory for prairie dogs,” said the reporter.

Peter Prairie Dog was very happy with himself. He stood up for his rights and he won.


Moral of this Story:

  • Stand up for your rights.
  • Example: Peter Prairie Dog stood up for his rights against groundhogs on Groundhog Day and he won.

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