Angry Baker’s Special Valentine’s Day Cake

Angry Baker was in the back room of his bakery when he heard the bell ringing. He was surprised to see Mrs. Prentice standing at the counter.

Mrs. Prentice was the wealthiest person in the city. Her servants and maids normally run her errands. She had never been in the bakery and Angry Baker was surprised to see her.

“Mrs. Prentice,” said Angry Baker. “It is very nice to see you. What can I do for you?”

“I would like to order a Valentine’s cake for Mr. Prentice,” said Mrs. Prentice. “I have heard so much about your cakes.”

“I can have it ready for you tomorrow at noon,” said Angry Baker.

“Perfect,” said Mrs. Prentice. “I will pick it up myself. I want everything to be perfect for Mr. Prentice’s return.”

“Oh that is right,” said Angry Baker. “He has been in Europe for the past month.”

“Yes,” said Mrs. Prentice. “He is a very busy man.”

As soon as Mrs. Prentice left the bakery, Angry Baker started making her cake.

“You look busy,” said Melissa, Angry Baker’s fiancĂ©e, who just finished work at the National Sugar Distributing Company.

“I have a very special cake order,” said Angry Baker. “Mrs. Prentice ordered a Valentine cake.”

“The Mrs. Prentice,” said Melissa.

“The one and only,” said Angry Baker.

“Don’t forget about the cake for Mrs. Jones,” said Melissa.

“I could never forget about Mrs. Jones,” said Angry Baker. “She is my best customer.”

“She wanted maple syrup in hers,” said Melissa.

“Yes,” said Angry Baker. “That is an unusual order.”

“Unusual,” said Melissa. “But I bet it will taste good.”

A customer came into the bakery. Angry Baker went out front to take care of them. Melissa poured maple syrup into the batter for Mrs. Jones’ cake but she also mistakenly poured it into Mrs. Prentice’s cake batter as well. Unfortunately though, she did not notice that she had done so.

She put both cakes into the oven. The next morning, Angry Baker iced Mrs. Prentice’s cake and had just finished it when she showed up to pick the cake up.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mrs. Prentice. “The cake looks beautiful. Thank you!”

The day after Valentine’s Day, Mrs. Prentice returned to the bakery.

“What did you do to my cake?” asked Mrs. Prentice. “It tasted like maple syrup.”

“Oh dear,” said Angry Baker. “I am so sorry about that.”

Before Mrs. Prentice could say another word, Angry Baker called Melissa out from the back room.

“What did you do to Mrs. Prentice’s Valentine cake the other day?” Angry Baker yelled.

“What are you talking about?” asked Melissa, confused.

“Mrs. Prentice got the cake with the maple syrup in it,” said Angry Baker, through clenched teeth.

“Look,” said Mrs. Prentice, finally about to get a word in. “There is no need to get angry about this. I just came by to tell you that the cake was delicious. I want to order another one for my birthday, which is next week.”

“Oh,” said Angry Baker, turning deep red in the face. “Melissa, I am sorry for yelling at you. Mrs. Prentice, I will bake you your birthday cake and I won’t charge you for it.”

“Nonsense,” said Mrs. Prentice, taking her wallet out of her purse. “I will pay for the cake. Like I said, it was delicious.”

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