Sunflower Suzie

“Look at this beautiful garden,” said Suzie, admiring her neighbour, Allison’s garden. “It is so colourful.”

Suzie was with her best friend, Harold. Harold was admiring the garden as well.

“That is a nice garden,” said Harold. “But, it is missing something.”

“It is missing a sunflower,” said Suzie.

“Yes,” said Harold. “It does need a sunflower. That would make it perfect.”

“A sunflower!” exclaimed Allison, who just came outside and saw Suzie and Harold admiring her garden. “I never gave it much thought but yes, a sunflower would be perfect. I love sunflowers. They are very tall and will provide the garden some much needed shade.”

“Yes,” said Suzie. “Your garden doesn’t get much shade so a few sunflower plants would be perfect.”

Suzie and Harold walked around the corner and another neighbour, Stella, was outside admiring her garden.

“Very nice garden,” said Suzie.

“Thank you,” said Stella. “I have been noticing that there aren’t many bees around this year. Nothing is going to pollinate.”

“If you were to plant a few sunflower plants in your garden,” said Suzie. “That would bring the bees.”

“A sunflower,” thought Stella aloud. “What a wonderful idea.”

Suzie and Harold continued walking and they saw Suzie’s husband, George, outside admiring his garden.

“The garden is looking great today,” said Suzie.

“Yes,” said Harold. “It is beautiful.”

“I wish I could find a way to string up my beans,” said George.

“You know,” said Suzie. “If you were to grow a few sunflower plants, they would act as a natural trellis for your beans.”

“I will do that,” said George. “You are so smart for thinking of that. Thank you.”

“I think you are amazing,” said Harold. “All this advice about sunflowers. I am going to start calling you Sunflower Suzie.”

“Sunflower Suzie,” repeated Suzie. “I like that.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to give advice if you are knowledgeable in a subject.
  • Example: Sunflower Suzie was very knowledgeable about sunflowers so she gave her neighbours some advice.

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