Tears of War – Chapter Two

Once at the hospital, Shawna was taken into an emergency examination room right away. A young female doctor entered the room. Shawna was still screaming and holding her head.

“My name is Dr. Langley,” said the doctor to Shawna. “What seems to be the problem?”

Dr. Langley tried to gently pry Shawna’s hands away from the side of her head. Shawna screamed with pain.

“When did this start?” Dr. Langley asked Shawna’s Mother.

“Just about an hour ago,” said Mother.

“Shawna and I were upstairs playing,” said Tracey. “Then all of a sudden she started screaming with pain.”

“Doctor, what is wrong with my little girl?” asked Mother.

“I can’t tell you anything yet,” said Dr. Langley. “We are going to have to keep Shawna overnight. We are going to run a series of tests on her.”

“Is it serious?” asked Mother.

“Any pain coming from the head area is serious,” said Dr. Langley. “I don’t like the looks of this severe pain that Shawna is experiencing.”

A little while later, Shawna was taken for tests. It seemed like she was gone forever. Mother and Tracey were both starting to get really worried and then finally she was back, with Dr. Langley right behind her.

“Does Shawna have a Dad?” asked Dr. Langley.

“Yes,” said Mother. “He’s in New York City on business.”

“I think you’d better call him right away,” said Dr. Langley. “Shawna has a brain tumour.”

“Oh my!” cried Mother. “She’s going to die, isn’t she?”

“The prognosis isn’t good,” said Dr. Langley.

Mother left Tracey with Shawna and went to call her husband.

“Dear,” said Mother, after she was finally able to locate her husband. “Shawna is very sick. She has a brain tumor.”

“I’ll be there on the very next flight,” said Daddy.

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