Tears of War – Chapter One

“Shawna,” said her older sister, Tracey. “What are you doing in my room?”

“I just wanted to play with you,” said Shawna.

“Well l am twelve years old now,” said Tracey. “I don’t want to play with my little eight year old sister.”

Shawna stormed out of Tracey’s bedroom, stomping her feet down the hallway as she went.

“Older sisters suck,” said Shawna loudly, slamming her bedroom door.

“I heard that,” said Tracey.

Shawna crawled up onto her bed and grabbed her favourite doll that was on her pillow and hugged it.

“Okay,” said Tracey, barging into Shawna’s room. “I’ll play with you.”

“Oh yeah,” said Shawna. “Mom probably told you to play with me.”

“No,” said Tracey. “She didn’t. I just want to play with you.”

“You do!” exclaimed Shawna, surprised. “You really do.”

Shawna dived into her toy box, quickly grabbing her dolls, before Tracey had a chance to change her mind. Tracey played with Shawna for almost an hour.

“Girls,” called Mother. “Please wash up. Supper will be ready soon.”

Shawna threw her doll onto the floor and quickly brought her hands up to her head, screaming with pain.

“Shawna!” exclaimed Tracey, who was terrified. “What’s wrong?”

“My head,” cried Shawna.

By this time, Mother was standing at Shawna’s bedroom door.

“What was all that screaming about?” Mother asked and upon taking one look at Shawna’s pain stricken face, quickly took her to the hospital.

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