A Legend

“Hey,” said Mick Troll to one of his band members. “Look, it is Billy Troll, a legend.” 
Billy Troll had just finished performing at a fund raising event for the children’s hospital in Troll Town. 
“What are you talking about?” Billy asked. “I am no legend.” 
“That isn’t what I heard,” said Mick. 
“Who told you that?” asked Billy, angrily. “I am far from being a legend.” 
“I told Mick and the Jagged Trolls that,” said Billy’s wife, Dianne, who had just finished loading up their van with boxes of souvenirs for Billy’s next concert. 
“Why would you say that?” asked Billy. “I am not a legend. I am just a performer.” 
“The people of Troll Town have voted you to be this year’s legend,” said Dianne. “You are a legend.” 
“Wow!” exclaimed Billy. “I am honoured but I don’t deserve the title.” 
“What do you mean you don’t deserve the title,” said Dianne. “You have done so much for this town.” 
“A legend is someone others look up to,” said Billy. 
“The people of Troll Town do look up to you,” said Dianne. “Just look at the crowd behind you.” 
Billy turned around and he saw a large crowd of people. They were screaming his name. They wanted his autograph. 
Billy found it hard to accept the fact that people thought he was a legend. To him, he was just an ordinary troll, playing music and helping people whenever he could. He was nobody special. 
“Oh look,” said Dianne, pointing to the headline in the newspaper the next morning. “They are holding a celebration in your honour. The people of Troll Town want to honour their legend.” 
“I can’t go,” said Billy. 
“You have to,” said Dianne. “You can’t disappoint your fans.” 
“I can’t disappoint them,” said Billy. “However, I can’t accept the title of a legend though.” 
“It is an honour that the people of Troll Town have chosen you for this title,” said Dianne. “They could have chosen anyone else, but they chose you. That should mean something to you.” 
Billy thought about what Dianne had said and he did have to admit that she was right. The town couldn’t have chosen anyone else but they didn’t. 
“You are right,” said Billy. “Okay, I guess I have no choice but to accept the title.” 
“Good choice,” said Dianne. “Now let me kiss the new legend of Troll Town.”

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