The Tale of Racum and Bear

Once upon a time, there was a little raccoon by the name of Racum. He was a very smart raccoon who never left a pea or a green bean on his plate. Racum had one fault and that was that he always played on the road. He had one bigger fault and that was that sometimes he even crossed the road. It didn’t matter how many times his mother and father had told him not to play on the road. He would not listen.

Across the road, in the Big Dark Forest lived a big bad bear, called Bear. He was big and black and loved raccoon soup. Little raccoons made his soup taste even better. He had been eyeing little Racum for sometime now.

It was a bright warm sunny day. Racum wanted to play outside. His mother and father told him, he could, but not to go near the road.

Racum played for about ten minutes, without going near the road. Then, all of a sudden, he jumped up from his sandbox and scooted across the road. Racum ran. Finally, he was so tired that he had to stop. He spotted a big rock to sit on.

He rested on the rock for fifteen minutes. Then he decided that he’d better get home or else he’d be in a lot of trouble. He got up from his rock and shook his big furry tail.

“Did I come in from this way, or did I come in from that way?” thought Racum.

Racum was lost. He sat down on the rock and started to cry.

From behind a big maple tree, Racum heard a big thump. Racum was so scared. His big furry tail was shaking. The noise stopped. Racum looked up and saw two big black eyes and four big white teeth glaring up at him.

“Come with me little Racum,” said Bear. “My name is Bear and I will take you to your house.”

Racum didn’t want to go with Bear, but he did want to go home, so he followed him.

Racum and Bear were getting deeper and deeper into the forest. Finally, they reached a little clearing with a big soup pot boiling away under a huge roaring fire.

“Come, little Racum,” Bear coaxed.

“You tricked me, you big mean old bear,” cried Racum. “This isn’t the way to my house.”

“That’s right,” snapped Bear. “This is my house and this is my soup pot and you are going to be my supper!”

Racum started running as fast as he could go. He was running so fast that he didn’t notice his mother standing in front of him, calling his name over and over again.

“Racum! Racum! Racum!” his mother called. “Where are you? Oh Racum!”

THUMP!!! Racum ran right into his mother.

“Oh Racum, you are safe,” screamed his mother with joy. “I hope you will never go near the road again.”

“Oh Mother,” sobbed Racum. “I will never disobey you or father again.”

Racum and his family lived happily ever after.

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