I don’t know about you but I love sandwiches and the good thing is, there are lots of different types of sandwiches that I can enjoy.

I think the best sandwiches are made on either freshly baked home-made bread or freshly baked buns. I think stale bread ruins the sandwich and the sandwiches tend to fall apart easily. There is nothing worse than getting a mouthful of dry bread.

If I eat a meat sandwich, I like my meat sliced really thin and I like lots of meat on them. I usually put a small amount of butter on each slice. Too much butter on a sandwich is not very tasty. My favourite meats for sandwiches are roast beef, turkey, chicken, ham and pastrami. I like cheese on my sandwiches but I don’t like cheese slices. I like real cheddar cheese not processed cheese. I also like tomatoes and lettuce on my sandwiches and just a tiny bit of mustard too.

One thing that I never put on my sandwiches is pickles. I do not like pickles, never have and never will. I know a lot of people do put pickles on theirs but not me. So, for me, the perfect sandwich will never have a pickle on it.

I like to eat my sandwiches in front of the television or in the nice weather, I will eat my sandwiches outside at the picnic table. I always enjoy a glass of cold milk with my sandwiches too, chocolate or white, but I do prefer chocolate milk over white milk.

It is making me hungry just thinking about the perfect sandwich. I have to go right now and see what I’ve got in my refrigerator to make up for a sandwich.

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