Yellow Polka Dotted Bird

Racum Raccoon went for a walk one afternoon in the Big Dark Forest. He was kind of in a hurry because he was going to be late for dinner. He knew his mother would start worrying about him if he didn’t get home soon.

“I’ve got to hurry,” said Racum to himself. “I can’t be late. Mother will be so worried.”

“Why will your Mother be worried about you?” Racum heard a voice from a branch above his head.

Racum looked up into the branch and he saw the sweetest little thing. He saw a small blue coloured bird that had yellow polka dots all over him.

“My mother doesn’t like it when I’m walking in the forest so late in the afternoon,” said Racum.

“Oh,” said the bird. “Well you’d better hurry. You don’t want your mother to worry.”

“You are such a pretty looking bird,” said Racum. “What kind of bird are you?”

“My name is Dots,” said the bird. “I’m a yellow polka dotted bird.”

“Well, my name is Racum,” said Racum. “Where did you come from? How come I’ve never seen you before?”

“I just moved to the Big Dark Forest,” said Dots. “I came from the Lost Forest area.”

“Oh,” said Racum. “I’ve heard of the Lost Forest area. That place is full of evil.”

“That is why I don’t live there anymore,” said Dots. “I got tired of being teased from all the other animals.”

“But,” said Racum. “Why would they tease you?”

“Because I am different,” said Dots.

“That isn’t nice,” said Racum. “Nobody should tease anyone.”

“I’m so glad to hear you say that,” said Dots. “I was afraid of moving to the Big Dark Forest because I was afraid of being teased.”

“Oh nobody here will tease you,” said Racum. “All the animals in the Big Dark Forest are nice.”

“Good,” said Dots. “I don’t want to be teased.”

“Listen Dots,” said Racum. “I’d like to talk to you longer but like I said before my mother is going to worry about me because I’m going to be late.”

“Yes,” said Dots. “You’d better go so your mother doesn’t worry.”

Dots say Racum run through the forest. He flew ahead of Racum and saw his mother standing at the laneway, looking for her son.

“Racum said he’d be here soon,” said Dots to Mrs. Raccoon.

“Oh,” said Mrs. Raccoon. “Aren’t you a pretty little bird and thank you very much. I was just beginning to worry about where Racum was.”

Just then Racum came around the corner and was surprised to see his new friend talking to his mother.

“Hi Dots,” said Racum. “Mother I’m sorry I am late.”

“That is okay,” said Mrs. Raccoon. “Your little friend here told me you’d be here soon.”

“Dots just moved here from the Lost Forest,” Racum explained to his mother.

“I see,” said Mrs. Raccoon.

“Yes,” said Dots. “I was getting tired of being teased from the other animals so I moved here.”

“That was a good choice,” said Mrs. Raccoon. “Nobody will tease you here.”

Dots enjoyed his new friends in the Big Dark Forest. For him, it was very nice not to be teased. He found that he could enjoy himself and he also found that he could truly have some friends that actually cared about him.

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