Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat was out walking around outside one cool summer day when he spotted a mouse in a field not too far away. Lucky Cat knew he would get into trouble if he went too far from home but this field was like right next door, almost.

Lucky Cat went over to the field and was so busy chasing the mouse that he saw that he didn’t hear his owner calling him for dinner.

“Well,” said his owner. “This is very strange. Lucky Cat always comes for dinner. There must be something wrong.”

Lucky Cat’s owner put on her shoes and went outside calling for Lucky Cat at the top of her lungs. Still, Lucky Cat did not hear her. He was so busy with the mouse that he had forgotten all about eating his dinner. In fact, he had forgotten about everything else too.

Lucky Cat’s owner saw something moving in the tall grass in the field just up the street and after calling Lucky Cat for over half an hour with no response, she went over to investigate.

Lucky Cat was just getting ready for a final pounce on the mouse when he saw his owner standing at the end of the field. Lucky Cat knew he was in trouble now and he soon forgot all about his little game of tag with the mouse. Lucky Cat went back home with his owner and he even had to go to bed that night with no dinner.

He didn’t mind so much though because the next morning he overheard his owner talking to the neighbour about a cat that had gone into that very same field that he had been in the day before and that poor cat never came home again. Lucky Cat knew he was very lucky and he also promised his owner that he would never, ever go into that field ever again.

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