Travelin’ Rick in Outer Space

Hey kids! Wow, I sure wish that you could have been here with me, on my latest adventure. I was an astronaut on the Challenger! It sure was a lot of fun!

At first, I had to go through some very extensive tests. Those I passed with flying colours. I also had to be examined by several doctors to make sure that I was fit for a space flight. I also had to be tested to see if I could endure the space flight.

Well, it soon came time for blast-off. I was inside the space shuttle and I’m not afraid to admit this, I was scared. 10-9-8-7, I was sweating! 6-5-4-3, I want out! 2-1-BLASTOFF!, it’s too late now!

The space shuttle flew through the air at an enormous speed. In a few hours, I had enough courage to look out the window. I could see our planet, Earth! What a beautiful sight it was, too! We sure do have a beautiful planet. Our planet looked so calm and so peaceful. No-one would ever know that we had so many problems on our planet.

A little while later, I saw the moon floating around Earth. It looked like a tennis ball, flying in space.

Gradually, the Challenger mover farther and farther away from Earth. Earth began to get smaller and smaller. I looked out the window and saw that I was in total darkness except for the lights
of the millions of stars.

While on the space shuttle, I took photographs of the Earth and the moon. I also tried out many different experiments in space.

I was able to go for a space walk. That was the best part of the whole trip. Stepping out of the secure and comfortable space shuttle with nothing but a rope holding you there, was a very frightening but awesome feeling! Once I was out floating around in space, I soon overcame my fear and had a great time.

Space can be a very exciting place to visit. I sure hope you enjoyed my adventure. Happy space-walking, until next time!

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