Fawn and Spot Meet Willie

“Hee-Haw! Hee-Haw!” came a thundering roar from the other barn.

“Fawn, wake up!” exclaimed Spot, sleepily. “What was that awful noise?”

“What noise?” asked Fawn, yawning.

“Hee-Haw! Hee-Haw!”

“That noise!” exclaimed Spot.

“Gee,” thought Fawn aloud. “I’ve never heard that noise before. I wonder what it could be. Where is it coming from?”

“It sounds like it is coming from the other barn,” said Spot.

“Hee-Haw! Hee-Haw!”

“Yes,” said Fawn. “It is coming from the other barn. I wonder what it is!”

“Well,” said Spot. “Your guess is as good as mine.”

All morning long, the two cows from Mountain Grove, Ontario, heard the same frightful noise. Spot, the black and white cow, could tolerate it, but Fawn, the brown and white cow, could not. He was very angry.

“Hee-Haw! Hee-Haw!”

“Ah stop that noise!” exclaimed Fawn. “Spot, can’t you do anything! I can’t stand that noise! It is driving me crazy!”

Spot was going to say something to Fawn at that moment but she thought better of it.

“Fawn,” said Spot. “I can’t do anything. Besides, that noise isn’t all that bad.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Fawn. “That is the worst noise I have ever heard!”

“Once you get used to it, it sounds kind of cute,” said Spot.

“Cute!” roared Fawn. “You call that cute!”

“Hee-Haw! Hee-Haw!”

“Oh stop it!” shouted Fawn.

“Shh!” exclaimed Spot. “Someone’s coming.”

The barn door opened and in walked a large four-footed animal.

“Who are you?” asked Spot.

“I’m Willie,” the animal said.

“Willie,” said Spot. “That’s a nice name. My name is Spot and this is my friend, Fawn.”

“Hi Spot! Hi Fawn!” said Willie.

“Get a load of his ears, Spot,” whispered Fawn. “They are so long!”

“Fawn!” exclaimed Spot. “I’m ashamed of you! You don’t talk about others like that. That isn’t nice!”

“Well,” said Fawn. “They are kind of big!”

“So is your tummy,” laughed Willie.

“Hey, you watch what you’re saying about me!” sulked Fawn.

“Maybe you should be the one to watch what you are saying,” said Spot to Fawn. “You started it.”

“What kind of animal are you, anyway?” Fawn asked Willie.

“I’m a donkey,” said Willie.

“A donkey!” laughed Fawn. “Oh, now that’s really funny!”

“Fawn!” snapped Spot, angrily. “You’d better say you’re sorry to Willie.”

“Alright,” said Fawn. “I’m sorry Willie. Are you really a donkey?”

“Yes,” said Willie. “I am.”

“Well,” said Spot. “It sure is nice to meet you, Willie. Isn’t it Fawn?”

“Yes,” said Fawn, after a few seconds. “It is. Hey, Willie, did you hear that awful noise this morning?”

“No,” said Willie. “I didn’t.”

“Well, it’s a good thing that you didn’t hear it,” said Fawn. “It was terrible!”

“By the way,” said Spot. “How would you like to play with us?”

“Sure,” said Willie, excitedly. “I would love to. Hee-Haw! Hee-Haw!”

Moral of this Story:

  • Never make fun of another’s features.
  • Example: Fawn made fun of Willie’s big ears.
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