Eager Eagle flew down from the tree he has always sat in. He noticed something in the long grass below. He swooped down and quickly captured his prey in his sharp claws. He looked at his prey and saw it was a rabbit.

“Oh boy!” exclaimed Eager Eagle. “A tasty meal for me tonight!”

Eager Eagle flew toward his tree. He was so looking forward to sitting in his tree and enjoying his meal. However, about twenty feet away, he noticed something was sitting in his tree and it was sitting right on the branch that he normally sits on.

Angry, Eager Eagle flew away. The rabbit between his claws was getting heavy. He found another tree close by. He landed on a branch on that tree and didn’t budge until his meal was done.

Shortly after his meal, Eager Eagle noticed a large bird soaring through the air, coming straight for him. Eager Eagle knew that bird. It was the same one that was sitting in his tree on his branch.

“What are you doing sitting in my tree?” yelled the large bird.

Eager Eagle knew that this bird was an osprey. He was not intimidated by this bird at all because, even though he was big, the bird was no where near the size of himself.

“I’m just finishing my dinner,” said Eager Eagle. “And just so you know, you were just sitting on my branch in my tree.”

“Oh I guess you don’t know how to share?” asked the osprey.

Eager Eagle just shook his head and flew over to his own tree. That osprey never bothered him ever again.

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