The Neon Cop Skiing Adventure

“Hey Jenny,” said the Neon Cop, laying down the keys to his Firebird on the table. “Want to go skiing this weekend?”

“Oh!” screamed Jenny. “Can we?”

“Yes,” said the Neon Cop. “I have a free weekend pass to Sun Peaks.”

“This is going to be so much fun,” said Jenny, happily.

Since moving to British Columbia a few months ago, Jenny had wanted to go skiing. All her friends at school talked about it and from what they said, it sounded like fun. Jenny was very excited.

“Rick,” said Jenny, bashfully, a little while later. “I don’t know how to ski.”

“Well,” said the Neon Cop. “Don’t worry, cause either do I?”

“Oh,” laughed Jenny. “Then I don’t feel so bad.”

“What is all this about skiing?” asked Jenny’s mom, just walking into the kitchen.

“Rick said we are going skiing this weekend,” said Jenny. “He got free passes to Sun Peaks.”

“Yes,” said Rick, getting up to give his wife a hug. “We are finally going to get the chance to go skiing.”

Suzie and Jenny had everything packed up and ready to go when Rick came home from work that Friday evening. They were off to Sun Peaks for the weekend. They couldn’t have picked a better weekend to go to. Sun Peaks just received a foot of fresh snow. It was too late to go skiing that evening, so they just relaxed and enjoyed the company of the other guests at the lodge they were staying in.

“Help, help,” Rick heard a faint cry come from the dining room of the lodge, as he was walking with Suzie and Jenny to their room.

“Did you hear something?” Rick asked Jenny and Suzie.

“Help, help!” they all heard that time.

“Look,” said Jenny, pointing in the direction of a young lady sitting in the dining room. “That lady needs help.”

The young lady was so distraught at first that Rick could barely make out what she was trying to say. All he could gather was that someone had stolen her purse.

“Okay,” said Rick, sitting beside the young lady. “You’ve got to calm down so we can help you.”

The young lady took a couple of deep breaths.

“Some man in a grey hoodie just stole my purse,” said the young lady, pointing to the main door of the lodge. “He went that way.”

“Don’t worry,” said Rick. “I’ll find him for you.”

Rick left Suzie and Jenny with the young lady while he went in pursuit of the thief. At first, he saw nothing, but then, in the snow, he found some fresh tracks. He followed them and came across a clearing. There was a man with a grey hoodie just ahead of him. The man had just thrown something into the dumpster.

Rick took a quick glance into the dumpster and sure enough, he found a purse. He was pretty sure that this was the purse that was just stolen from the young lady. He also found a piece of material on the side of the dumpster. It was grey and it was fleece material, the same thing hoodies are made from. Rick carefully picked up the grey material and put it in his pocket.

Just around the bend, Rick saw the man with the grey hoodie, heading straight for a young girl, who had a purse sitting on the bench beside her. The man quickly ran toward the purse and just as he was going to grab it, Rick was right behind him to put a stop to him.

“What are you talking about?” asked the man, when Rick read the man his rights for two robberies. “I wasn’t going to steal this young girl’s purse.”

“Oh is that right?” asked Rick. “And that is what you are going to say about the purse you just threw into the dumpster right?”

“What purse?” said the man. “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Rick saw that the man had a whole in his hoodie and it was the same size as the piece of material that was in his pocket.

“That hole in your hoodie is all the evidence I need,” said Rick, pulling out his handcuffs. “You are under arrest.”

Rick went back to the girls once he called a squad car to pick up the thief. He handed the young lady her purse back.

“Oh thank you,” said the young lady, when she found out that the thief didn’t have time to take anything out of her purse.

“You are very welcome,” said Rick and then looking straight at Suzie and Jenny. “Now my two young girls, let’s go and enjoy the rest of our weekend skiing.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Crime doesn’t pay.
  • Example: Even on vacation Neon Cop catches the bad guy.

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