Monkey Joe

Living in the jungle of Africa was Monkey Joe. Monkey Joe was a one year old monkey. However, he wasn’t just an ordinary monkey. He was very special. He was the son of King Monkey Joe, Sr. and Queen Beatrice of the jungle.

“Can I go outside to play?” Monkey Joe asked his mother.

“As long as you can stay out of trouble,” his mother said.

Monkey Joe loved to play outside. He especially liked to swing from branch to branch in the tall trees.

“Oh, this is so much fun!” exclaimed Monkey Joe. “I love swinging from the trees.”

After a few minutes, Monkey Joe was getting very hungry. Instead of going home to get something to eat, Monkey Joe decided that he would find himself some bananas. A few banana trees were located not far from where he was playing.

“I can’t wait to pick some fresh bananas,” said Monkey Joe. “I love bananas.”

Monkey Joe reached the spot where the banana trees were.

“That’s funny,” said Monkey Joe. “I don’t see any bananas. What is going on here?”

Monkey Joe ran all the way home, as fast as he could go.

“Mommy! Mommy!” cried Monkey Joe.

“My!” exclaimed Mommy when she saw the look of anguish on Monkey Joe’s face. “What is the matter? You look like you’ve see a ghost!”

“I wish that I had have seen a ghost!” exclaimed Monkey Joe.

“Well, something sure has you in a dither,” said Mommy. “What is it?”

“There’s no more bananas left in the jungle!” said Monkey Joe.

“What are you talking about?” asked Mommy. “I just picked some this morning. There were still lots left!”

“Well,” said Monkey Joe. “There aren’t any bananas left now.”

“I don’t believe this,” said Mommy. “Where could they all be? I’ll have to go speak to your father about this.”

A few minutes later, Monkey Joe was called in to see his father.

“Son,” said Father. “Is it true what your Mother has told me? Are there no more banana’s left on the trees?”

“Yes Father,” said Monkey Joe. “It is true.”

“Listen to me now, son,” said Father very carefully. “It is now time for me to hand this kingdom over to you, my successor!”

“What!” exclaimed Monkey Joe. “But Father, I am only one year old!”

“It would not matter if you were only ten days old,” explained Father. “The leadership of our kingdom is determined by the bananas on the tree. A true leader will not see any bananas.”

Monkey Joe became the leader of his kingdom. He was a very great and favourite leader, too. He stayed in power for a long, long time. One day, one of his great-grandson’s came to him and told him that there were no more bananas left on the trees. That was the day that Monkey Joe handed the power over to him. His name was Monkey Joe, Jr.

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