Suzie and her Dad were out walking through the Orono Park in Orono, Ontario, one Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful day for a walk. The sun was shining brightly and there was a slight breeze in the air.

“Look Daddy!” exclaimed Suzie. “Look at the dragonfly!”

“Yes,” said Daddy. ”Isn’t it beautiful? I’ve never seen one with that colour.”

Daddy was referring to the black body and the green iridescent colour of its wings.

“Me either,” said Suzie. ”Oh look Daddy. There’s more dragonflies!”

Suzie pointed up the creek a little, where there were dozens of dragonflies flying around.

”Oh look,” laughed Daddy. ”There’s a dragonfly on your hat!”

”Oh Daddy,” said Suzie. ”I can’t see it.”

Daddy carefully took Suzie’s hat off her head and showed the dragonfly to her. The dragonfly didn’t seem to care, one bit. It stayed right on the top of Suzie’s hat.

”What a silly dragonfly!” exclaimed Suzie. “It just won’t get off my hat.”

Daddy very carefully put Suzie’s hat back on her head. As soon as he took his hands away, the dragonfly flew away.

”Bye dragonfly,” said Suzie, waving to it.

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