Poor Mountain Family’s Easter

“Come on, wake up,” said Poor Mountain Brother to Poor Mountain Sister. “It’s Easter morning. Come on, we have to look for our Easter gifts.”

“You heard what Poor Mountain Mother said to Poor Mountain Father last night,” said Poor Mountain Sister, sleepily. “There isn’t going to be an Easter this year. They haven’t any money.”

“Okay,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “I heard what Poor Mountain Father said, but then how do you explain the rabbit tracks that are out in our front yard?”

“Rabbit tracks,” said Poor Mountain Sister, now wide awake. “Where?”

“I’ll show you,” said Poor Mountain Brother.

Poor Mountain Sister grabbed her housecoat and threw on her slippers quickly and followed Poor Mountain Brother downstairs. Poor Mountain Brother opened up the front door of the log cabin and pointed to some tracks that he had seen earlier in the snow. Poor Mountain Sister walked down the laneway and took a closer look at the tracks. She nodded her head to Poor Mountain Brother, confirming that they were indeed rabbit tracks.

“Well,” said Poor Mountain Brother when Poor Mountain Sister came back up onto the porch. “What do you make of it? The tracks come right up to our walkway.”

“Yes,” said Poor Mountain Sister. “And this is Easter, so those tracks had to be from the Easter Bunny.”

Both Poor Mountain Brother and Poor Mountain Sister went back inside and started searching all over the log cabin for Easter gifts. They found several for each of them. They were making so much noise though that they had waken Poor Mountain Mother and Poor Mountain Father.

“Look at those poor children,” said Poor Mountain Father, feeling really terrible that he didn’t have any money for Easter this year. “They think that they are going to find some gifts for Easter.”

Poor Mountain Mother took a closer look at her children. She was amazed when she saw that each of them had some Easter gifts in their hands.

“But,” said Poor Mountain Mother, pointing to the gifts in their hands. “I think we had forgotten all about the Easter Bunny.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Poor Mountain Father, seeing what Poor Mountain Mother had pointed out. “We did forget all about the Easter Bunny, however, thank goodness the Easter Bunny did not forget all about the Poor Mountain children this year.”

“Thank goodness is right,” said Poor Mountain Mother. “It looks like we are going to have an Easter after all.”

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