Billy Troll’s BC Concert

“Dianne!” exclaimed Billy. “Come here quick!”

“What?” asked Dianne, coming into Billy’s music room.

“How would you like to go to British Columbia to do a concert?” asked Billy.

“Oh that would be great!” exclaimed Dianne. “I would love to go to BC!”

“I thought so,” said Billy. “Well get packed because we are leaving tomorrow!”

“Oh Billy,” exclaimed Dianne, giving her husband a big hug and kiss. “I can’t wait!”

Both Billy and Dianne were very excited about going to British Columbia, Canada and Billy getting to do a concert there was just a bonus for them. They have always heard about how wonderful and beautiful the mountains were in BC.

“Are you ready to go skiing?” asked Billy.

“Oh yes!” exclaimed Dianne. “This is going to be so much fun!”

“It should be!” exclaimed Billy. “It should be a trip of a lifetime!”

Billy and Dianne did not expect British Columbia to be as beautiful as it was. They fell right in love with the western-most Canadian province as soon as they laid their eyes on it.

“Dianne,” said Billy, their first night in BC. “What would you think if we moved to BC and lived here forever?”

“Really?” asked Dianne. “I honestly think I would be in heaven.”

“Me too,” said Billy, strumming on his guitar and singing. “Mountain fever gets to the best of me, mountain fever burns in my soul.”

“Exactly the way I feel too by being here,” said Dianne.

“There is something about the mountains that draws me to them,” sang Billy. “There is something about the mountains that makes me want to stay. There is something about the mountains that I don’t want to leave.”

Billy laid down his guitar and picked up the local newspaper that was placed in their motel suite.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Billy, pointing to the front page of the newspaper. “Dianne, here is our dream home.”

Billy gave the newspaper to Dianne. She couldn’t believe her eyes. There was the most beautiful log cabin that she had ever seen.

“Dianne,” said Billy. “Let’s do it!”

“Yes,” said Dianne. “Let’s!”

Billy and Dianne spent an extra few days in British Columbia so that they could make arrangements to purchase the log cabin that they saw on the front page of the newspaper. They were so excited that they couldn’t wait until they were able to move permanently to British Columbia. As a matter of fact, Billy was so excited that he announced it to the crowd at the concert.

“Welcome to BC!” the crowd chanted! “Welcome to BC!”

Billy and Dianne spent the rest of their time in BC enjoying the mountains and skiing and hiking.

“You know,” said Billy, boarding the airplane at the end of their stay. “I am so glad that we have decided to move here.”

“Oh me too!” exclaimed Dianne. “Me too! I just love it here so much! I don’t even want to get on this plane to go back.”

“Me either,” said Billy. “But the good thing is, we are coming back and soon!”


Moral of this Story:

  • There are some places that draw you to them.
  • Example: Billy Troll and his wife, Dianne fell in love with British Columbia as soon as they saw it.

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