Racum Raccoon’s First Day of School

“Racum dear,” said Mrs. Raccoon. “What would you like for breakfast this morning?”

“I’m not hungry, Mom,” said Racum.

“Not hungry,” said Mr. Raccoon, laying down the morning paper. “That’s a switch!”

“Are you not feeling well?” asked Mrs. Raccoon.

“No,” said Racum. “I’m not. I’ve got a sore tummy!”

“Oh dear,” said Mrs. Raccoon. “Racum, this is your first day of school. You can’t be sick today!”

Mrs. Raccoon felt Racum’s forehead.

“At least he doesn’t have a temperature,” said Mrs. Raccoon, relieved.

“I know what’s wrong,” Mr. Raccoon whispered to his wife. “He’s got the first day of school jitters.”

“Right,” said Mrs. Raccoon. “That would explain everything.”

“Look Racum,” said Mr. Raccoon. “You’d better eat up. You’re going to have a very busy day today.”

“Yes,” said Mrs. Raccoon. “You are going to need all the energy you can get. You are going to be so busy finger-painting, playing in the sand-box, singing songs and listening to stories.”

“That’s right,” said Mr. Raccoon. “You know something, Racum. The very first day that I went to school, I got to make a kite.”

“A kite!” exclaimed Racum, suddenly forgetting about his sore tummy. “Wow!”

“It was the best kite that I ever had,” said Mr. Raccoon.

“What colour was it?” asked Racum, eating a slice of toast.

“It was red, purple and blue,” said Mr. Raccoon. “I painted an eagle on it.”

“An eagle!” exclaimed Racum. “Eagles are my favourite birds.”

“Yeah, mine too,” said Mr. Raccoon.

Racum ate his breakfast and then got ready to go to school. Mr. Raccoon drove his son to school on this special morning.

“Okay, Racum,” said Mr. Raccoon, as he pulled into the school parking lot. “Have a good day at school!”

“I will,” said Racum.

Once in the classroom, Racum settled right into the school routine. He made a few new friends, Mad Dog Wolf and Sly Fox.

“Now class,” said Mrs. Owl, after lunch. “I’d like to do something special this afternoon. How would you like to make a kite!”

“Yes!” shouted Racum, excitedly.

Racum and his new friends worked hard all afternoon on their kites.

“Oh my, Racum!” exclaimed Mrs. Owl. “I love your kite. It’s magnificent. Look at all those eagles flying around! How would you like to take your kite outside and try it out?”

“Actually,” said Racum. “I’d like to take my kite home with me so that my dad and I could fly it together.”

“What a splendid idea!” exclaimed Mrs. Owl.

“Daddy, Daddy!” exclaimed Racum, when he came home from school. “Look what I made today!”

“Wow Racum!” exclaimed Daddy. “Look at this beautiful kite. You did a fine job on this, son!”

“Thanks Dad,” said Racum. “Would you like to fly it with me?”

“I’d be honoured to,” said Mr. Raccoon, getting up out of his chair.

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