Environment Bug and Dust

Hi everyone! I am the Environment Bug. I have noticed a lot of dust lately in my home. It seems the more I clean, the more dust I get.

I do not like dust. Sometimes the dust gets in my nose and into my throat. Sometimes I get a dry scratchy feeling in my throat and it makes me cough. This is all because of the dust. It is terrible. I spoke to some of my neighbours and they informed me that they are having the same problem.

“Dust everywhere!” exclaimed Mrs. Centipede. “I can’t seem to get rid of it!”

“Terrible, terrible dust,” said Mrs. Ant. “The worst I have ever seen.”

Walking back home, I was lucky enough to find the source of the dust. A huge dump truck filled with loose sand came barreling up the street.

“Stop!” I screamed to the dump truck driver. “I’m the Environment Bug!”

I coughed and rubbed my eyes because of the dust that was coming from the back of the truck. The truck driver stopped his truck and angrily got out, stomping his feet.

“What do you want?” the truck driver asked angrily. “I have a job to do. I have to deliver this last load of dirt for the new shopping mall that is being built.”

“Did you say last load of dirt?” I asked.

“Yes,” said the truck driver. “This is my very last load of dirt.”

I quickly put my environment fine book back in my pocket before the truck driver could see it. The truck driver emptied his last load of dirt, just like he promised, and the next day, we saw a lot less dust. We were all very happy about this.

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