Waiting for Spring in the Mountains

Hi everyone! This is Mountain Kid. I am the oldest of the Canadian brothers. I am the one that lives in the mountains in British Columbia.

This winter has been unseasonably long and unseasonably cold. It is now February and I am waiting for the snow to break and the spring season to come. It is really difficult not to think of spring so much when there has been nothing but snow and cold constantly for the past few months.

Oh, spring is so welcome and I’ll be very glad when it is here. I love winter and I love winter in the mountains but there is absolutely nothing that can compare to a beautiful spring day in the mountains. The weather starts to warm up and the sun starts to stay out longer. The mountains turn from white to the prettiest shades of green.

The best part about spring is that the little animals in the forest start to wake up from their long winter’s nap and the forests become a buzz of activity. Squirrels chatter as they build their nests, birds chirp as they find lots of food around them, rabbits hop all over the forest floor and eagles soar high in the sky.

Spring is worth the wait, worth enduring a long, harsh winter for, worth putting up with anything. Spring to me is a time to spend lots of time outdoors, breathing in fresh mountain air. Spring is the time for renewal and freshness. The more I think about spring, the more I want it to come. Unfortunately, spring will come when it wants to. Hoping and praying for an early spring won’t do me much good because I don’t have control over when it will be here. However, I will definitely enjoy every minute of it when it does come.

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