Fawn and the Kittens

“Fawn, come quick!” exclaimed Spot.

“What is all the commotion all about?” asked Fawn, who was just getting out of bed.

“There are kittens at the farm house, adorable little kittens,” said Spot.

Fawn went up to the farm house with Spot. There, on a blanket on the kitchen floor were five adorable little kittens.

Jenny and Ricky came out their bedrooms when they heard Fawn and Spot in the kitchen.

“Look Fawn and Spot,” said Jenny, picking up two little white kittens. “We are keeping these ones. This is Frosty and this one is Blizzard.

Frosty and Blizzard are two adorable little white kittens. Frosty is all white with grey tips on her paws, face, tail and ears and Blizzard is exactly the same as Frosty except that has orange tips instead of grey. Frosty and Blizzard also both have blue eyes.

“Aren’t they cute!” exclaimed Spot.

“They are just kittens,” said Fawn.

“Fawn Hansen!” exclaimed Spot. “You are jealous of these little kittens aren’t you?”

“Me jealous!” exclaimed Fawn.

“Wait a minute,” said Jenny, looking at Fawn’s face. “Fawn you are jealous of these little kittens. I can see it in your face.”

“No,” said Fawn, not looking at Jenny. “I’m not jealous of the kittens.”

“Well,” said Jenny. “Why won’t you look me in the eye and tell me that.”

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