A Golden Carrot

“Look what I found,” said Jackie Jester to Trickster Bunny, holding out a carrot.

“It looks like a carrot,” said Trickster Bunny, going to take a bite of it.

“Don’t eat it,” said Jackie Jester. “It isn’t just an ordinary carrot.”

“It sure looks like an ordinary carrot,” said Trickster Bunny and then he put it up to his nose to smell it. “It smells like an ordinary carrot.”

“It is a very special carrot,” said Jackie Jester, taking the carrot from Trickster. “It is a golden carrot.”

“This is no golden carrot,” said Trickster Bunny. “It is just a carrot.”

“April Fool’s!” screamed Jackie Jester.

“You were trying to trick me,” said Trickster Bunny, laughing. “Usually I am the one doing the tricks.”

Trickster Bunny and Jackie Jester both laughed and then Trickster spotted something shiny in the ground. He picked it up and saw that it was a golden coloured rock. He was going to throw it back down on the ground but Jackie Jester stopped him.

“What are you doing?” asked Jackie Jester. “That is a piece of gold.”

“Is this another April Fool’s prank?” asked Trickster.

“No,” said Jackie Jester. “And, I can prove it.”

Jackie Jester took Trickster and the rock to a jeweller. The jeweller took the rock and appraised it.

“This rock is 14 karat gold,” said the jeweler, handing the rock back to Trickster.

“It doesn’t look like 14 carrots to me,” said Trickster.

Jackie Jester and the jeweler explained to Trickster that a karat was a measurement of gold.

“Well it looks like I was the one that found a golden carrot after all,” laughed Trickster.


Moral of this Story:

  • April Fool’s Day can bring some funny surprises.
  • Example: Jackie Jester played an April Fool’s Day trick on Trickster Bunny, telling him he found a golden carrot but, Trickster Bunny actually did find one.

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