An Airy New Year

“It looks like the Happy Balloon Family have arrived at the New Years Building,” said Hop Out, pointing to four brightly coloured balloons floating above him.

“We are very excited to be here,” said Daddy Balloon.

“I understand you and your family have run into some problems this past year,” said Hop Out. “We need to resolve them before you can hop out of 2019 and hop in to 2020.”

“We actually have a pretty strange problem,” said Mommy Balloon. “Normally, we are a very happy family. Sometimes, though, out of the blue, we become angry with each other and that is just not like us.”

“I see,” said Hop Out. “Is there anything that triggers this?”

“Not that we can think of,” said Daddy Balloon.

“Are you doing anything different or out of the ordinary when this happens?” asked Hop Out.

“We were just filling up with air,” said Mommy Balloon.

“What type of air do you use?” asked Hop Out.

“Sometimes we use helium,” said Mommy Balloon. “Sometimes we just use regular air.”

“Helium wouldn’t make you turn angry,” said Hop out “But, I wonder if your anger is caused when you use regular air.”

“Come to think of it, “said Daddy Balloon, thinking back to the mood of his family after they filled up with regular air. “It does seem to be that our moods do change when we have used regular air.”

“You are right,” said Mommy Balloon, coming to the same conclusion.

“So,” said Hop Out. “It looks like we have resolved your issue. I believe you are ready to hop out of 2019.”

“What will you do to ensure this doesn’t happen in 2020?” asked Hop In.

“We will only fill up our balloons with helium,” said Daddy Balloon.

“Good solution,” said Hop In. “I believe you are ready to hop in to 2020. Happy New Year!”

“Happy New Year to you as well,” said the Happy Balloon Family.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is always important to be happy.
  • Example: The Happy Balloon Family found out that when they fill their balloons with regular air they become angry with each other.

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