Poor Mountain Family Gets a Pet

There is a poor family that lives in high in the mountains. Now this poor mountain family was so poor that they could not even afford a pet. Their poor children wanted a pet so badly that each night they cried themselves to sleep.

“Oh I want a pet so that I can hug him and kiss him,” cried Poor Mountain Sister.

“I want a pet so I can teach him tricks,” cried Poor Mountain Brother.

“Oh those poor children,” cried Poor Mountain Mother one night after the children had gone to bed. “They want a pet so badly.”

“Yes, I know they do,” said Poor Mountain Father. “And I’m gonna get them a pet too. I don’t care what kind of pet it is but I’m not going to have my poor mountain children go without a pet any longer.”

Poor Mountain Father got up off the couch and went outside. He could hear sounds in the mountain forest. An owl flew by his head, just missing him.

“That owl would make a good pet for my poor mountain children,” said Poor Mountain Father.

Try as he might, Poor Mountain Father just could not catch that owl. Every time he thought he had him, the owl would just fly away.

“I guess that owl wouldn’t make such a good pet after all,” said Poor Mountain Father.

Further and further into the mountain forest Poor Mountain Father went. He came across a little black bear cub sitting all alone on a log.

“Now that little bear cub would make the perfect pet for my poor mountain children,” said Poor Mountain Father.

Poor Mountain Father started to creep closer and closer to the little bear cub, until he saw that the little bear cub wasn’t alone any longer. Just inches away from him was the little bear cub’s twin sister and then just about a foot away from her was the little bear cub’s mother.

Poor Mountain Father didn’t know too much about anything but one thing he did know was never to mess with a little bear cub, especially if his mother was around. Poor Mountain Father got out of that area just as quickly as he could. He was very depressed and sad that his poor mountain children would have to go another day without a pet. He was about to go back into his poor little log cabin when he heard a sound behind him. He turned around and there about a foot away from him was a tiny little kitten.

“Well,” said Poor Mountain Father, picking up the helpless little kitten in his hand. “Where did you just come from?”

Oh, the poor mountain children were just so excited about their new little pet. They fed him and bathed him and took so very good care of him. One day, however, their little pet kitten all of a sudden didn’t look like a regular kitten anymore.

“What is going on with that kitten?” asked Poor Mountain Father, one night after dinner. “He’s huge!”

“You know,” said Poor Mountain Brother. “I don’t think he’s just an ordinary little kitten. I think he’s a mountain lion.”

Sure enough, Poor Mountain Father had brought his poor mountain children a mountain lion for a pet. However, the mountain lion didn’t seem to realize that he was a mountain lion because he was ever so gentle with the poor mountain children and he loved them with all his heart. The poor mountain family kept their rather large kitten forever and they enjoyed him as much as he enjoyed them!

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