The Monster Berry Family

The Monster Berry Family were preparing for a Halloween party out on their front lawn. They loved Halloween and this Halloween was even more special. There was going to be a full moon.

“This is going to be such a fun Halloween night,” said Gooseberry, the youngest and only girl in the family.

“Yes,” said Blackberry, one of a set of twins. “It is! You’d better hurry up making those sandwiches though or Halloween will be over before we get to eat anything.”

“How about you help me?” asked Gooseberry. “I only have wings to work with. You have two hands!”

“I don’t know why you ended up being so different than the rest of us,” said Blueberry, the other twin. “You look more like a bird than a monster.”

“Stop teasing Gooseberry,” said Raspberry, the oldest of the family. “It doesn’t matter that she is different. What matters is that she is our sister so, that means that we are all family.”

“You are right,” said Blueberry. “I am sorry for teasing you.”

“Me too,” said Blackberry.

Blackberry took over making the sandwiches and because Gooseberry could fly, she was put in charge of hanging the Halloween decorations and she did an amazing job.

The Monster Berry Family stood out on their front lawn and when the moon rose in the sky, full and bright, they danced and sang their hearts out.

“This sure is fun,” said Gooseberry.

“It sure is,” said Raspberry.


Moral of this Story:

  • We can be different and still be family.
  • Example: Gooseberry was being teased by two of her brothers because she is different than they are but Raspberry reminded them that she is still family.
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