Apartment 13 – More Swats

Lost Christmas Tree walked up the hallway to Apartment 13 and knocked on the door. He was still searching for the apartment in the Christmas Building that he was supposed to be spending Christmas at.

“Oh,” said a beautiful female cat in a bright yellow dress, who answered the door. “Did my brother, Arrow send you here?”

Lost Christmas Tree was speechless for a moment. This was Arrow’s sister. From the way Arrow talked about his sister when Lost Christmas Tree met him in Apartment 12, he expected a big tough cat. This cat was small and dainty.

“I am sorry,” said Lost Christmas Tree. “Your brother, Arrow didn’t send me. I am Lost Christmas Tree. I am looking to find the apartment in this building that I am supposed to be spending Christmas at. I did meet Arrow in Apartment 12. He did tell me that you swatted him.”

“Oh he did, did he?” said the female cat.  “My name is Cutie. I am sure Arrow told you that we already have a Christmas tree but I am sure he didn’t tell you the reason I swatted him is because I wanted him to help me decorate the tree but instead he laid down under it and went to sleep.”

“There are some details he did leave out,” said Lost Christmas Tree.

“Sounds like it,” said Cutie.

Just then, Arrow walked up to Cutie’s door and she immediately went over to him and swatted him.

“What was that for?” asked Arrow.

“For only telling Lost Christmas Tree half the story,” said Cutie.

“Oh,” said Arrow, sheepishly.

“Well,” said Lost Christmas Tree. “I have to go find the apartment I am supposed to be spending Christmas at. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas!” said both Arrow and Cutie, waving to Lost Christmas Tree as he walked down the hallway.


Moral of this Story:

  • Don’t underestimate the power of Cutie.
  • Example: Cutie gave Arrow another swat because he only told Lost Christmas Tree part of the story.

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