The Cabin

Just off Highway 93 in British Columbia was a little cabin. It was an adorable little cabin made of logs. The cabin sat in the middle of a forest and it was very lonely.

“All I ever wanted was a friend,” cried the cabin each and every morning as it watched the sun rise to the west of it. “It is so lonely out here all by myself.”

One morning a chipmunk found itself on the porch of the cabin.

“Gee,” said the cabin. “It is so nice to finally have a friend.”

“What are you talking about?” asked the chipmunk. “I just dropped a pine cone out of the tree above you and it fell onto your porch.”

“Oh,” said the cabin sadly. “I thought you were here to be my friend.”

“Sorry,” said the chipmunk, getting ready to leave.

“I have some pine cones on a shelf in my kitchen,” said the cabin. “Maybe you would like one of them.”

The chipmunk came into the cabin and had a pine cone. He really enjoyed himself in the cabin.

“Looks like you have a friend now,” said the chipmunk.

“Wonderful,” said the cabin. “Come by any time and I will give you a pine cone.”

“Okay,” said the chipmunk. “I will.”

The cabin was very happy to have the chipmunk as its friend.

The next morning an eagle flew by the cabin and landed on the roof of the cabin.

“Wonderful,” said the cabin happily as he watched the eagle land. “I have another friend.”

“I only landed on your roof so that I could catch that mouse that was running through the forest floor,” said the eagle.

“Oh that is too bad,” said the cabin sadly. “I really wanted a friend.”

“Sorry,” said the eagle getting ready to leave.

“Gee,” said the cabin once the eagle had flown away. “I have a mouse in my kitchen cupboard that you can have.”

“Really,” said the eagle. “That would be so nice.”

“Then you will be my friend,” said the cabin.

“Yes,” said the eagle. “I will.”

“Great,” said the cabin.

That afternoon a bear had stopped in front of the cabin. He had smelt honey in the forest.

“Hello,” said the cabin, watching the bear standing, looking around the forest. “Do you want to be my friend?”

“Sorry,” said the bear. “I am just looking for some honey.”

“Gee,” said the cabin. “There is a jar of honey in my cupboard. Maybe you would like to have some of it.”

“Oh gee,” said the bear. “I would love that.”

The next week, the chipmunk, eagle and bear all showed up at the cabin at the very same time.

“Oh how nice,” said the cabin. “All my friends are here together.”

“Look,” said the chipmunk. “I can’t stay here with eagle and bear. They will eat me up.”

“No,” said the cabin. “They will not. The four of us are friends. Eagle and bear will not eat you.”

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