There is a Santa Claus

“Spot, what are you doing in the barn?” asked Fawn. “Come on outside and play. It’s beautiful out, today.”

“I’m just getting my stall ready for Christmas,” said Spot. “It is only one week away.”

“Who cares about Christmas, anyway?” said Fawn. “I am sick and tired of Christmas. You have to be good all year long and there is so much work involved in getting everything ready. I don’t like it!”

“Fawn, you should be ashamed of yourself,” said Spot. “That was a rotten thing to say.”

“Maybe it was, but it’s true,” said Fawn. “Besides, did you know that there is no such thing as Santa Claus?”

“That is not true,” said Spot, angrily. “There is so a Santa Claus!”

“Well, that’s not what my new friend, Sparky said,” said Fawn.

“Oh, now I get it,” said Spot. “It seems to me that every time you and Sparky get together, he gets you upset. I don’t like to say this, Fawn, but I really think that Sparky is too old for you to be hanging around with.”

“He is only four years older than us,” said Fawn. “How come you always like to pick on Sparky? He happens to be a very nice horse. At least he always listens to me.”

“Yes, Sparky may be a nice horse,” said Spot. “However, you should be hanging around with animals your own age. Sparky has many responsibilities because he is so much older than we are. Fawn, you and I don’t have a care in the world. We are still at the age to enjoy Christmas and all the fun things in life. Sparky isn’t! He is past all that. Before you know it, Sparky is going to be too busy for you anyway, Fawn, once Misty has the baby.”

“That’s not true,” said Fawn. “Sparky told me already that he will still be here for me when the baby comes.”

“Fawn, that’s what he says now,” said Spot. “You just wait. You have no idea about the responsibilities of raising children. They take a lot of time and patience.”

Just then, Sparky entered the barn.

“Hey Fawn, how are you?” asked Sparky.

“Hi Sparky,” said Fawn. “Hey, do you want to go outside and play with me? It looks like Spot is too busy to play with me today.”

“Actually, I can’t today,” said Sparky. “Misty has a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. I’ve got to go with her.”

“That’s okay,” said Fawn. “Maybe tomorrow then.”

“Well, tomorrow is Sunday and Misty has asked me to go to church with her,” said Sparky. “Look, Fawn, I’ll catch up with you sometime soon.”

“See you later, Sparky,” said Fawn, sadly.

“Bye Fawn,” said Sparky.

Fawn was not in a very good mood for the rest of that day. He felt like everything was closing in around him. Spot, not knowing what she could do for Fawn, decided that it would be best if she just left him alone. She also figured that it would be best for Fawn if she let him be the one to break out of this shell he seemed to be in.

Fawn sulked for a few days. He was very mixed up and couldn’t quite figure out why his new friend, Sparky had abandoned him.

“Maybe Spot is right,” thought Fawn to himself. “Maybe Sparky does have too many responsibilities. Maybe I should have listened to Spot all along.”

“Hey Spot,” said Fawn, a few days later. “Shouldn’t we be getting ready for Christmas?”

“Oh Fawn!” cried Spot. “You don’t know how good it is to hear you say that.”

“Yeah, I know,” said Fawn. “I’m sorry about the way that I have been behaving, lately.”

“Well, Fawn, let’s go get our Christmas tree set up,” said Spot.

“Great idea,” said Fawn.

Spot and Fawn worked hard for most of that afternoon getting their barn ready for Christmas. When they were finally finished, it look fabulous.

The two cows were so exhausted, they went to be bed very early that evening. They were surprised to be awaken half way through the night.

“Fawn and Spot, come quick,” yelled Sparky. “Misty has had her baby. Hurry, I want you two to be the first to see him. He’s beautiful!”

Hurriedly, Fawn and Spot raced over to Misty’s stall. There, in the stall stood the most gorgeous colt that anyone had ever seen.

“You know,” said Sparky. “This day reminds me of the day when another baby was born, in a faraway land. He was born in a barn, just like my little one. I think that I have been wrong about this whole Christmas thing. Maybe there really is a Santa after all.”

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” they heard someone shout from behind them. “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas, everyone!”

They turned in time to see a flash of red leaving the barn.

“Say, that was Santa Claus!” exclaimed Fawn.

“Yes, it was,” said Sparky. “It really was!”


Moral of this Story:

  • There really is a Santa Claus.
  • Example: Fawn’s new friend, Sparky, had Fawn convinced that Santa Claus did not exist.

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