Winter Storm

“We can’t go outside and play today,” said Troll Brother, pulling the curtains in the living room open.

“Why not?” asked Troll Sister. “I really wanted to go outside.”

“Look,” said Troll Brother, pointing to the window.

“Oh, look,” said Troll Sister. “It’s snowing out!”

“That isn’t just snow,” said Troll Daddy, carrying a cup of coffee into the living room. “It’s storming out so bad that I can’t go to work today.”

“Looks like we are stuck inside today, my Troll Family,” said Troll Mother, carrying Troll Baby in her arms.

“Well, I’m going to watch television then,” said Troll Brother.

“I’m going to play on my computer,” said Troll Sister.

Both Troll Brother and Troll Sister went into their bedrooms. The lights in the house flickered a few times and then the house was in total darkness.

“Lights!” shouted Troll Baby.

“Just a minute,” said Troll Daddy, going into the kitchen to find a flashlight.

“Lights!” said Troll Baby, pointing to the hallway.

“So that’s where my flashlight went to,” said Troll Daddy, seeing Troll Brother standing in the hallway with the flashlight turned on.

“What’s going on?” asked Troll Sister, standing behind Troll Brother.

“The storm has knocked the power out,” said Troll Mother.

“Great!” said Troll Sister. “I was just starting to play my new game, too!”

“Look,” said Troll Daddy. “It’s times like these that we should learn to appreciate everyday things like hydro, television and computers.”

“Why don’t we play Trollopoly?” said Troll Mother. “We haven’t done that in such a long time and we could have some of those cookies I just baked last night, too!”

“Cookies!” shouted Troll Baby. “I want cookies!”

“Me too!” said Troll Brother and Troll Sister together.

Troll Mother got the game and the cookies out and the Troll family spent the next few hours playing games, laughing and talking to one another. A few minutes later the lights came on.

“Lights!” cried Troll Baby.

“Yes,” said Troll Mother. “Let’s put the game away now.”

“Oh, do we have to?” asked Troll Brother.

“Yeah, it was fun!” said Troll Sister.

“No, we don’t have to,” said Troll Mother. “We can play for a little while longer. Besides, I was enjoying this time together.”

“Yeah!” clapped Troll Baby, reaching for the game board and knocking it onto the floor.

“Guess we’ll have to play another game,” said Troll Brother.

“Yes,” said Troll Daddy. “Cleaning up Troll Baby’s mess!”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to spend quality time with your family.
  • Example: The Troll Family spent some quality time together during a bad winter storm.

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