Police Report – Day 18

Colour Kid called me. He said someone called him and told him there was a major event happening in Storyland on April 18. He was asked if he would paint the stage for it. I asked if he was told anything about what type of event was being held. Colour Kid said he didn’t know anything else about the event.

I got to thinking about this event. Colour Kid said he was asked to paint the stage. I thought about what type of event requires a stage. It could be a fashion show, a magic show, a play or a concert.

I searched online to see if any of these events were being held but I couldn’t find anything. I called Colour Kid and told him I would go with him as his helper to see if I can get to the bottom of this investigation. I also crossed Colour Kid off my list of suspects.

Lovable Viking called me. He said he was asked to be a bodyguard at the event. Pirate Pete was also asked. They had no idea what type of event this was going to be. I crossed both Lovable Viking and Pirate Pete off my list of suspects.

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