Police Report – Day 17

Very strange phone call from Billy Troll. He told me he got a call about a big event happening in Storyland in a few days. He also said his niece, Suzie Troll from the band, Just Girlz got the same call. I have a feeling it has something to do with Jesse and JD’s disappearance but not sure how. I crossed Billy Troll off my list already so I crossed off Just Girlz just now.

I went over all the police reports to date to see if I have missed anything or anyone. This is a summary of who has been crossed off my list of suspects so far:

Day I – Cutie, Arrow, Angry Baker, Billy Troll

Day 2 – Seasonal characters – Autumn Elf, Little Crow, Lonely Scarecrow, Pumpkin Fairy, Sunflower Suzie, Skinny Matilda,   Summer Sun, Mr. Winter, Mr. Iceman, Snow Fairy

  • Canadian Family characters – Fishing Kid, Mountain Kid, City Kid, Prairie Kid, Rancher Girl
  • Learn New Words characters – Alphabet Allie, Missy Big Words, Missy Opposite, Master Action Words, Master Hurtful Words
  • Fresh Veggie Family characters – Chard Benning, Christopher Corn, Dandelion C., Dolly Cranberry, Gourd, LiMa Bean Young, Melon T., Tommy Potato

Travelin’ Rick, Heather, Chester Chipmunk, Racum Raccoon

Day 3 – Bad Teeth Bradley, Fanny Granny, Angry Cat, Bobby the Butcher, Gertie, Mr. Egghead

  • Animal and Plant characters – A. Tree, Apple Monster, Batty, Beatrice Bee, Bluey Bluebird, Cranky Bunny, Easter Lily, Environment Bug, Fawn and Spot, Halloween Cat, Hop Out and Hop In, Lost Christmas Tree, Mrs. Robin, Mrs. Tulip, Peanut, Peter Prairie Dog, Rambler Rabbit, Rat Boy, Runner Rabbit, Rusty, Sammy Spider, Shaggy Dog, Shammy Rock, Silly Groundhog, Silly Snake, Slow-Poke, The Acorn Family, The Pea Pod Family, Tiki Bug, Trickster Bunny, Valentine Puppy

Day 4 – Mr. Nailhead, Ugly Sally

DAY 5 – Jackie Jester

Day 6 – Creepy Creature

Day 7 – The Happy Balloon Family

DAY 8 – Caveman Jack, Hillbilly Bob, the Troll Family

Day 9 –  Poor Mountain Family, Safety Kid, Spooky Ghost, Annie Leprechaun, Angry Leprechaun, Grand Old Leprechaun,

Lucky Leprechaun, Christmas Angel, Evil Elf, Happy Heart, Patrick, Paula, Sally, Thankful Thomas, The Stick Family, Unlucky Uncle Ungus, Veteran Phil

Day 10 – Desert Kid

Day 11 – no characters were crossed off

Day 12 – no characters were crossed off

Day 13-  Frankie, Forgetful Fred

Day 14 – Zimba Zombie, Sprinkles

Day 15 – Beastly

Day 16 – Grampy’s Little Green Car, Baby Face Monster

Day 17 – Just Girlz

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