Clay the Office Cleaner – Character Insight

I created Clay the Office Cleaner as part of my Canadian Trades/Professions Character Challenge. Cleaners are a very important profession in Canada because they help keep our offices and commercial buildings clean.

Clay the Office Cleaner, a super helper from Storyland, lives in a lovely town called Perth, and he loves keeping places shiny and clean.

Clay has a very important job. He makes sure offices are spotless so everyone can work happily. He sweeps, mops, and dusts, making everything sparkle!

Guess what? Clay just became a supervisor! That means he helps other cleaners be super helpers too. One day, he dreams of having his own cleaning company. How exciting!

Cleaning offices is special work. It’s not too hard, and Clay works when the moon and stars are out.

But Clay is not just any cleaner. He’s a hero! When the sneaky coryvirus tried to make a mess in Storyland, Clay was there to clean it up and keep everyone safe. Thanks to cleaners like Clay, we can all stay healthy and happy.

So, let’s cheer for Clay and all the cleaners! They make sure the coryvirus doesn’t stand a chance. Hip, hip, hooray for Clay!


Fact Card for Clay the Office Cleaner:

  • Date Created: May 1, 2020
  • City of Residence: Perth, Ontario
  • Occupation: Office Cleaner
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Character Traits: Responsible and Dependable
  • Favourite Quote: “I will make sure this office is nice and clean for you!”

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