Chester Chipmunk Visits Freddy Frog

Hi! I’m Chester Chipmunk. Today, I’m going to go visit my new friend, Freddy Frog. Freddy Frog lives in a swamp near my house. He is a pretty neat friend. Why don’t you come along to Freddy’s with me.

“Freddy! Freddy! Where are you?” I called when I got to his house. “I’ve brought some of my friends for you to meet!”

“Here I am, Chester,” said Freddy, hopping all over the swamp. “Come on!”

“You’ll have to come over here,” I said. “You have to remember that I can’t hop around in the water like you can.”

“Oh yes,” said Freddy. “I keep forgetting that you don’t have the same hind legs that I do!”

“No,” I said. “I also don’t have webbed feet, either.”

“That’s true,” said Freddy. “Wait right there! I’ll be there in a moment.”

With two long hops, Freddy sat right in front of me.

“Gr-r-r-i-bb-itt,” said Freddy.

Just then a mosquito flew past Freddy. In a matter of seconds, that mosquito was gone.

“That was fast,” I said, amazed.

“Yes,” said Freddy. “I have a special tongue that allows me to catch insects quickly.”

“You’d make a good fly swatter,” I laughed.

“I guess I would,” said Freddy. “That is one reason humans like to see me in their gardens. I keep the bugs away from their precious plants.”

“That’s a pretty important job,” I said.

“I think so too,” said Freddy. “Hey Chester, did you just see that airplane go by?”

“What airplane?” I asked. “I didn’t see anything.”

“Yes, I keep forgetting,” said Freddy. “I have eyes that enable me to see in almost any direction.”

“Well Freddy,” I said. “I’ve got to get going now. I’ll see you again sometime soon.”

“You take care of yourself Chester,” said Freddy, hopping away.

“Yes, you too,” I called after him.

I don’t know about you, but I had fun with Freddy today.

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