Noisy Neighbours

”Hey get out!”

”You get out and don’t come back!”

”What is all that noise?” asked Fawn, fumbling for the light switch. ”Don’t they know it’s two in the morning?”

”This is crazy,” said Spot. “This is the third night in a row that they have been yelling! Our new neighbours sure do make a lot of noise!”

”Oh look,” said Fawn. ”Here comes the police. Now they will stop!”

“Chief Lewis just got out of his car,” said Spot, watching out the barn window. ”He’s going up the front stairs.”

”Have you met our new neighbours yet?” asked Fawn.

”No, I haven’t,” said Spot. ”Have you?”

“No,” said Fawn. ”Hey, look. Chief Lewis is getting back into his car!”

”That was quick!” exclaimed Spot.

”Now look,” said Fawn. ”He’s pulling into our driveway!”

”Something strange is going on here,” said Spot.

Mr. Hansen came outside to talk to Chief Lewis. Both Fawn and Spot went outside, too.

”I sure hope the neighbours haven’t been keeping you awake the last few nights,” said Chief Lewis. ”They’re almost done shooting, now.”

“You mean there is shooting going on up there,” said Mr. Hansen. ”And, you just left them!”

”Not that kind of shooting,” laughed Chief Lewis. ”Film shooting!”

”Oh,” laughed Mr. Hansen.

“By the way,” said Chief Lewis. ”The neighbours were wondering if they could use your cows for their movie.”

”Yes,” screamed Fawn. ”Tell them yes.”

Chief Lewis scratched his head, getting into his car.

”I’ll tell them,” said Chief Lewis.

”We’re going to be in the movies,” said Fawn, excitedly.

”Either your cows can talk,” said Chief Lewis, starting his car. ”Or, I have been on this job too long.”

Fawn, Spot and Mr. Hansen stood in the driveway, laughing.

”I swear those cows were laughing at me,” said Chief Lewis, pulling out onto the road. ”I need a vacation.”

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