Elmer’s Counting Adventure

One day, in one village, one Elmer went for one walk down one street. He saw one blue-jay sitting on the top of one fence. The blue-jay was sad.

“What’s wrong Mrs. Blue Jay?” asked Elmer.

“Well,” said Mrs. Blue-Jay angrily. “I’m waiting for my breakfast to come.”

Just then, two little worms passed by the two animals. Each worm wore two scarves around its neck.

Mrs. Blue-Jay dived for the two worms.

“Two worms with two scarves!” laughed Elmer. “Some breakfast.”

Elmer kept walking down the street until he came to a two-way street. He was very confused. He could go up one street or down the other street. He didn’t know which way to go.

Elmer decided to go up the street and kept walking along until he came to an ice-cream parlour. He saw an ice-cream cone in the window. It had three big scoops of his favourite flavour, chocolate. Elmer ordered three of them. He was so full, after eating his cone that he had to have a nap for three hours.

After his nap, he noticed four busses go by. He wanted to take the bus home. He checked his money and found he had four loonies in his pocket. He also had four quarters. He used his four quarters for the bus fare.

Elmer passed five apartment buildings and five transport trucks on his ride home. He passed the blue-jay again and saw that she had just laid five eggs.

“Congratulations!” Elmer called to his friend five times.

“Thank-you!” said Mrs. Blue-Jay proudly.

The bus stopped six times before it came to Elmer’s stop. Elmer walked six blocks and was at the front of his farmhouse. There were six gates that he had to pass through before he was at his barn.

While Elmer had been out on his adventure, his wife Ellen, had given birth to seven healthy girls and seven healthy boys. He was so excited that he passed out seven times. Once he came to, he had to buy seven pink dolls and seven baseball mitts.

Elmer went back to town. He now had eight dollars. He went to eight different stores to find the dolls and the baseball mitts. After a time, he got what he wanted. He spent all eight of his dollars, so he had to walk home.

Elmer passed Mrs. Blue-Jay again. There were now nine kittens pestering her eggs. Elmer gave nine snorts of his snout and the kittens ran off in nine different directions.

Elmer passed by ten apple trees, each with ten apples on them. Elmer sat down and feasted on them for ten minutes. By ten o’clock, Elmer was back home with Ellen and their proud family. He gave Ellen ten kisses and ten hugs!

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