Grampy’s Little Green Car Turns Pink

One bright sunny day, Grampy took his little green car for a drive to see his grandson, Ricky.

“Hey Ricky,” said Grampy, when Ricky came to the door. “Want to help me paint my car today?”

“I’d love to,” said Ricky.

Ricky went back inside and grabbed his overalls. Meanwhile, Grampy went out to Ricky’s garage. He found a few cans of spray paint and he started painting his car.

“Grampy!” exclaimed Ricky, when he noticed what Grampy had just done. “You just turned your little green car pink.”

“But,” said Grampy in shock. “I didn’t know these paint cans were pink. Who in their right mind would have pink spray paint in their garage?”

“Grampy,” said Ricky. “Those paint cans were in here before we moved in. We can’t let anyone see what you have done. We’ll be the laughing stock of Ontario.”

Ricky searched the garage high and low for something to cover up Grampy’s car with. He couldn’t find anything so he took Grampy by the arm and they went into the basement to find an old blanket or something.

In the meantime, Jenny, Ricky’s sister, happened to see Grampy’s little pink car in the garage. She just happened to have her digital camera with her. She took several pictures of it and left before Grampy and Ricky got back.

Grampy and Ricky found an old blanket in the basement and they quickly covered up the car with it.

“Come on Grampy,” said Ricky. “We are going to the hardware store.”

Ricky and Grampy went to the hardware store and purchased some green paint. They quickly went back to the garage and repainted Grampy’s car. Once Grampy saw his little green car again, he started coming out of the shock he was in.

“Thank you Ricky,” said Grampy. “You just saved my little green car. That could have been a disaster.”

Ricky and Grampy went into the house to wash up. They were both horrified when they saw the pictures that Jenny had just finished printing from her computer. Ricky and Grampy both knew that they would have to do whatever Jenny wanted so that nobody else would see those photos.

“Gee,” said Jenny. “I think I want an ice-cream cone.”

“What kind?” asked Ricky and Grampy together.

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