The Shrooms

In the Northern parts of Ontario, just North of the Trans-Canada Highway, live a group of extraordinary creatures that humans have never before laid eyes on. The first of the group to be seen, were the Forest Shrooms, who have been known to make their houses inside of mushrooms. They are quite selective when it comes to which mushrooms they use and only use those found deep within Ontario’s thickly forested areas. 

The mushroom houses they make are quite spacious, housing up to 3 families in each. The gowns they wear are almost as exquisite as their houses, with specks of blue, yellow and orange throughout. The Forest Shrooms, themselves, stand only an inch high with long thick heads of hair. They are quick on their feet have unique senses. They can easily detect danger long before it arrives, giving them plenty of time to hide. After all, they have managed to live around humans for hundreds of years without detection by humans. 

The Forest Shrooms can detect other things as well. They know exactly when the first interactions with humans was going to happen, long before the event. They could have told you the day, month, year and time, right to the second, years prior to when it occurred. They even knew the location this great event would occur at. 

Every creature on earth has an overall purpose for being here, even the Forest Shrooms. Their purpose for being here involves ensuring the forest stays strong and healthy. They have achieved this great deed long ago and have maintained the forests just fine until now. However, due to the humans interference and disregard for the forest, the Shrooms must join with the humans in an epic fight for their homeland. 

The upcoming human interactions with humans have all been part of a sacred prophecy the Forest Shrooms have known about for their entire existence. This occasion is fast approaching and although they are excited and fearful, they know they will lose their land without the humans help, as that is also part of their prophecy. 

In order for the prophecy to be fulfilled the Forest Shrooms must find and gather around the largest mushroom in their forest. They must gather around it in silence, holding hands for 24 hours. Once they have stood in solidarity for the allotted time, their prophecy will be fulfilled. 

This is the largest event of their existence and is very important to each and every one of them. This event will pave the way for Shroom colonies to begin working alongside of the humans. This has never before been witnessed. 

The Shrooms are very resilient, cunning and intelligent creatures who have eluded the humans for centuries. They eluded them so well, humans didn’t have the faintest of clues that they existed. Humans call the Shrooms by many names such as “Mother Nature”, “Ghosts” and “Acts of God”. However, humans never imagined all these supernaturals were in fact due to miniature creatures much like themselves. 

Shroomies all across Canada will be waiting with baited breathe to see how the Forest Shrooms prophecy unfolds. They we all be huddled together atop their mushroom houses at the exact moment the prophecy concludes. They will have their eyes glued to the heavens searching for a sign that will signify its conclusion. Once concluded each of every Shroom colony will reveal themselves to the humans. 

The Shroomies know that once the prophecy is fulfilled, they will be bombarded with researchers and scientists of all kinds from all across Canada. They understand that if they allow the humans to do their research, to study and analyze them, creating much needed alliances with them will be a much easier task. They need to be working alongside the humans in order to continue living in their natural habitats.  

In anticipation of the prophecy being fulfilled, the Shroomies have spent much of the last few centuries studying the human race. The Shroomies discovered long ago that their love of money will be the humans downfall. They know of the power and greed that go hand-in-hand with that love. They know the destruction of the human race is to unfold if nothing is done. 

The prophecy fulfillment will go down as the biggest day in the history of the Shroomies. They have known of and planned for the day of fulfillment for their entire existence. These Forest Shrooms are the first Shroomies to roam the Earth. Over time, families of Shroomies have broken off and started their own colonies. These colonies evolved to become various species of Shrooms. We now have River Shrooms, Mountain Shrooms, Wheat Field, Corn Field, Lilac and Honey Shrooms. 

Each Shroomie colony is cleverly named after the main area in which their mushroom grows. The Shroom children are home-schooled by the elderly most Shroom of each colony. This provides ample time for the parents to build the houses, gather food and to make, or repair clothing and tools. 

Every colony is very complex with each Shroomie, nearly without hesitation, performing their duties every day. When issues within a colony become known and start to be an issue, they are dealt with in a council meeting that occurs on a monthly basis. Straight up crime does not exist amongst colonies. Each and every Shroomie is considered an equal. This also applies to their genders as well. 

The human race could certainly learn a few lessons from the Shroomies. They are happy and carefree because they don’t have the stresses of arguments, shouting and violence. If and when discrepancies arise the elders allow both sides to air their feelings and, if serious, the elders will ask each family if they would rather work to resolve the issue together as a colony or, if they would like to leave the colony and begin their own.  

Discrepancies usually arise from the youth wanting to introduce new innovations to the colony while the elders are generally against change. Their motto for life is “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. 

If a Shroom family does decide to leave and begin their own Shroom colony, there will be no animosity or hard feelings throughout the Shrooms. The leaving family will be allowed to return to the old colony whenever they wish as they will want to remain in contact with the elders. The elders themselves are encouraged to never leave a colony as they are the backbone of that colony. 

As a result of living a happy fulfilling life without a lot of stress and misgivings the Shroomies have an incredibly long life expectancy compared to their humans. This lack of fighting and the energy it consumes means they are more conscientious about their environment. They take pride not only in their environment but in themselves and others. 

The Shrooms are inviting you all back on June 27, 2020 at precisely 1:27 pm EST to witness the day of fulfillment of their prophecy with them. 


Moral of this Story:

  • The human race could take lessons from creatures and other beings on how to get along with each other.
  • Example: The Forest Shrooms must fulfill a centuries old prophecy, which includes getting along with humans. This will ensure the survival of their land.

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