Helping a Friend in Need

“It is good to be home,” said Travis the Truck Driver to himself as he pulled his truck into the driveway. “That was a long haul.”

Travis the Truck Driver was on the road for the last five days delivering freight to his customers. He had taken on extra work because of the coryvirus pandemic that had been spreading throughout Storyland.

“Oh dear,” said Travis the Truck Driver, noticing a parcel that was left in the back of his truck. “That parcel is for my best friend, Pete. I must take it to him. It is probably his medication.”

Travis the Truck Driver got back in his truck and drove to his friend, Pete’s house.

“Thank you so much,” said Pete, standing on his porch when he heard Travis the Truck Driver pull up to the curb. “Just leave it on the steps for me please. I have been showing symptoms of that nasty coryvirus and have been self-isolating.”

“Oh yes,” said Travis the Truck Driver. “I heard about that self-isolation and the social distancing too.”

“It is necessary if we want to control this virus,” said Pete.

“I agree,” said Travis the Truck Driver. “Are you eating okay? You do look a little thin.”

“Somewhat,” said Pete. “I have been laid off from work, so money is tight. My job at the factory wasn’t considered an essential service.”

“You wait right here,” said Travis the Truck Driver.

Travis the Truck Driver drove to the local grocery store. He bought some fresh fruits and vegetables as well as some staples such as bread, milk and cheese. He dropped it off at Pete’s doorstep. Pete cried when he saw what Travis the Truck Driver had done for him.

“You are the kindest man I know,” said Pete, wiping the tears from his eyes. “You have no idea how much this means to me.”

“You just get yourself better,” said Travis the Truck Driver. “When this is all over, come see me and I will put you to work.”


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to help others in need during a pandemic.
  • Example: Travis the Truck Driver helped his best friend, Pete by getting him some groceries in the midst of a pandemic in Storyland.

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