An Icy Winter Day

Ice Bird was sitting on a fence post, deep in the forest. It was so cold and icy in the depth of winter but Ice Bird didn’t care. He loved winter.

Sitting on the fence post, he felt the blustery cold wind blowing through his feathers and he loved it.

“This is how I know I am alive,” said Ice Bird. “There is nothing like the feel of that cold, icy wind.”

Ice Bird heard a rustling noise behind him. He looked and saw Pesky Porcupine walking toward him.

“Oh it is so icy and cold,” said Pesky Porcupine. shivering. “I don’t like winter.”

“I absolutely love winter,” said Ice Bird.

“Not me,” said Pesky Porcupine. “I can’t wait for spring to come.”

“Haven’t you heard,” said Ice Bird. “We have several more weeks left of this beautiful winter weather. Lots more ice, cold and blustery wind.”

Ice Bird knew that what he just told Pesky Porcupine was not true. Spring was only a couple weeks away.

“That is horrible,” said Pesky Porcupine. “I am going to go find a hole and crawl into it until spring comes.”

Ice Bird watched as Pesky Porcupine walked away with his head hung low. Ice Bird immediately felt guilty for what he said. He flew over to where Pesky Porcupine was and he apologized for what he said to him.

“You mean we will have spring soon,” said Pesky Porcupine.

“Yes,” said Ice Bird. “We will have spring soon.”

“Oh good,” said Pesky Porcupine. “You had me worried there for a moment.”

View the TikTok video of Ice Bird and Pesky Porcupine


Moral of this Story:

  • It is not a good idea to tease someone.
  • Example: Ice Bird teased Pesky Porcupine but then felt guilty about it.

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