Bobby the Butcher – Christmas Story

“Oh my!” exclaimed Lost Christmas Tree, when he saw Bobby the Butcher approach the Christmas Building. “I am so happy you were able to take time away from your busy schedule and spend the Christmas holidays here.”

“Thank you,” said Bobby the Butcher. “I am looking forward to a rest. This has been a very busy year at the butcher shop and a very trying year with Aunt Jessica marrying that warlock, Desmond.”

“I am sorry to hear that,” said Lost Christmas Tree. “I have been having problems of my own this year. I feel Christmas is lost to me. I have Christmas gifts for all the residents of the Christmas Building but I don’t feel right just handing them out. I feel the characters of Storyland don’t know the meaning of Christmas and I also feel that they haven ‘t done any good deeds this past year. What does Christmas mean to you and what good deeds have you done this past year?”

“To me Christmas is all about family values,” said Bobby the Butcher. “Aunt Jessica and I have had our issues but I still care deeply about what happens to her. I do feel bad that I had to fire her this past spring because she was planning on opening her own butcher shop. She was trying to undermine our family business. The good deed that I have done this past year is that I have been secretly sending Aunt Jessica customers. She has no idea that I have been helping her out.”

“That is admirable,” said Lost Christmas Tree, handing Bobby the Butcher his Christmas gift. “Considering she was undermining you.”

“Thank you,” said Bobby the Butcher. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas to you too,” said Lost Christmas Tree.”


Moral of this Story:

  • No matter what our family does, they are still our family.
  • Example: Bobby the Butcher had been sending Aunt Jessica customers as a good deed because even though he fired her, he still cared about her deeply.

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